There is no stopping the S&P 500!

5 months ago
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Somehow it slipped under the radar that the S&P 500 closed at an all time high on Friday.

Yeah, it was only by a few points and the intraday high from earlier in the week distracts you, but the reality is the stock market closed at an all-time high on Friday.

It sure did not feel like it!

Slow and Low


It was like a beastie boys song, slow and low that is the tempo!

The volume was meager and the move was a slow grind higher all day.

It was torturous for the shorts and an enjoyable slow ride for the longs

Set for a much higher open - futures are high!

The S&P futures are currently trading 22 points above Friday's close so that all time intraday high is only 25-30 points away.

I see more pain for the shorts even with the market's move the last two weeks be a bit overbought.

I'd be lying if I didn't say I was rooting for a pullback.

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