Video Charting: The S&P 500 Gaps Open to all Time Highs!

6 months ago
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Jumped into the video posting game for a change. A random analysis of the S&P 500 and thoughts on the catalysts.

Not sure why the video seems slightly pixelated, but still clear enough. Will look into clearing up for next video.

All-time Highs via a Gap

I feel like the market gapping open to a new all-time high makes it very different for both the bulls and the bears. It creates instability for both sides.

Kind of sounds like our political environment! ;-P

UPDATE: The S&P sold off hard into the close and the daily candle closed below the all time high pivot point. The daily chart looks like a huge reversal pattern, whether that follows through is anyone's guess since news can change everything.

I covered a part of the short I added today to lock in some $ and am holding the other piece to see if we fill the gap entirely tomorrow.

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