Weekly WenSoon Show Recap - 6/21/2022

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What a week in crypto! Amidst all the crazy price action in the market we also had a busy week in the leo universe!


Leo Power Up Day (LPUD)

The first leo power up day has come and gone with much success!

Here are the stats:

  • 174,098 Leo Powered up
  • 320 Lions joined
  • 4.2% of the total Liquid Leo was powered up in 24 hours

Three lucky lions won a 20K delegation for 3 weeks.

To see all the details and who won the delegations check out the LPUD post: https://leofinance.io/@leogrowth/lpud-winners

Leo Mobile Status

The app has been running beautifully on android, but lions are still waiting on iOS to approve the app live.

Personally I have enjoyed using leo mobile on my android the past couple weeks.

Leofinance Desktop Issues

The deskstop site has been buggy over the past week or so after the lightning update and bug report tickets are the fastest and best way to get things resolved and it helps the team identify them faster, thus please submit bug reports rather than just mentioned it in general chat.

PolyCub Docs

Polycub docs have been updated to align with the vision of creating sustainable yield and touch on vexPolyCub. I need to go check out the updates myself still to peep the new info.

AMA Chat Questions

There were loads of question on the discord AMA chat from lions like @shortsegments. Alot was covered in regard to onboarding, SEO optimization and several other things.

Was a bit too much for me to type out live so ya'll just have to go watch the replay. My guesstimate is about 30 minutes into the call it began and ran for a good 20 minutes or so.

PolyCub block halving and buyback

There was some confusion over this but the halving is hitting just a couples hours from the time of this post hitting.

The buyback will likely not start till .0625 per block, but a governance vote may be put up for a final decision.

CeFi, DeFi and more....

With the Celsius debacle among others we chatted about Cefi vs. Defi and how or why these Cefi sites dropped the ball. Leveraging of users funds is my opinion of on why the house of cards crumbled.

Also, decentralized finance seems to run into some centralized problems when there is a mega whale involved. The Solend on the Solana blockchain is an example of this with their governance vote to take over a whale acct that was to be liquidated and be a sever blow to their protocol.

How is your portfolio feeling

We chatted about the state of our portfolios and the phone calls we have been getting from the normies in our lives.

Everyone assumes all crypto hodlers are now broke. That is not the case for many that have been in the crypto space for a while. Yes, big drawdowns have happened but many are still sitting in the green.

The fear and greed index has been high the past few weeks, but have we hit max fear, have we hit max pain? I'm not so sure we have as so many are still excited to buy.

Who knows if we need to hit that level, but the fear level has been high of late which is usually good for crypto in the months ahead.

Until next time...

That is all for now folks, see ya on the next one!

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Not financial advice *it sort of is..

Buy Leo, and stop selling it _ you nerds.

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Ha ha ha!


Hahaha! I enjoy buying at such cheap prices.

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I'm getting ready for the next LPUD. It is so exciting to buy at such cheap prices.

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I like this "fear level" these days... Was it you or Neal that said the more people freak out about the end of bitcoin, the more it means this is a time to buy? Either way I like it.

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Thanks for the recap!


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I will take Khal up on his ticket placement to create a community and try to for a new community with @cryptowendyo C

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My portfolio of Cub and PolyCub is looking pretty sheepish, but I may do what experts always say not to do, and put more money in and double down at these prices. I may live to regret it or live to thank myself later!

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I'm wondering if the fear and greed index is as relevant for crypto as the stock market.

People can obsess about the stock market but crypto is something we basically live in. We start to think in terms of tokens. Like I'm trading NFT's on algorand still and I'm still thinking about it in terms of how much algorand I'm stacking. If bought this NFT for 200 algo and sold it for 300 algo, that matters to me no matter what the price of algo. Stocks don't have that. And as web 3 becomes closer to a reality, quitting crypto because the market went down will be like not using the internet because your amazon stock lost value.

This last cycle changed crypto from purely financial to something more.

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