Hive Onboarding Monthly Report

Psyber-X Onboarding Month 1 We say what we do & we do what we say While we are not bringing in proof of hundreds joining with these…

This is why I vote for these 30 Hive Witnesses

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News from PsyberX - Expansion and Development

Exciting news! Source Many of you may know that PsyberX has been fully funded for development since last year. For t

Surprise Thank You!...and First Day of Founder Starter Kits Sales Results

What a day! It was electrifying in the discord chat yesterday! It was palpable. The clock was at 11:59am, and everyone had their…

Tribe Curation Update - Feb 2022

Every so often I go through the popular tribes to get an idea what their curation returns look like. The way I do this is to find a top…

Spamming, shilling, secret identities and tag milking

Spam is one of the most annoying and most common occurrences in our virtual lives,

The [email protected] Pro-Active and Reactive Counter Tool

This post is a long time coming. For weeks now I have been writing and honing an anti-parasite script designed to piss off a certain…

How to get shit done you don't want to do

Was talking to a friend of mine who has been struggling to stick with things and remain focused. Specifically, trying to post on a…

New Tribe & Token: Verify Your Brain || vybrainium (VYB)

Announcing the Verify Your Brain tribe and its token, VYB (vybrainium) This post is meant to serve as the initial White Paper…

POB Update: New Tribe 2.0 Site = DAO & NFTs and Beneficiary Increase for Outside Apps

Tribe 2.0 Outpost We have decided to upgrade to the Tribe 2.0 Outpost from Hive-Engine over the next few weeks. This will give us…

Why Hive Is Failing.

Let me introduce myself to the people who don't know me. I started my Hive (known as Steem then) journey in 2017. I had been heavily…


I was permitted by the author of #POBSTREET @insight.pob ,@scholaris.pob and @onealfa.pob to publish past topics discussed in #p

Calculating Hive Curation Rewards Using HiveSQL

There probably are already tools that calculate curation rewards out there. But it is fun to do so programatically. We could get such data…

POB Price Concern🤔, Thoughts and Suggestions!

Hello to Everyone I have seen many people around here expressing their concerns regarding current POB price, its getting a lot of buzz…

Hive Engine Tools Tribe Config Tool Updated with Unstaking and Delegation Cooldowns

Hive Engine Tools is a collection of private scripts I modified to be publicly available to everyone using a web browser. There are…

Act NOW before it's too LATE!

The chaotic POB Word of the Week Contest continues! The contest concludes at midnight Sunday! Unleash your creativity!

The biggest risk with Hive Engine tribes is the owner

Yesterday I wrote a post where I wanted to talk about what I feel is the greatest risk to stake holders in a Hiv

The Outrageous Race is still ON!

The POB Word of the Week Contest for OUTRAGEOUS is on! You still have time to enter your article for a chance at winning Proof of…

New Hive Engine Tools Pending Token Payouts Feature

I just updated Hive Engine Tools to add a new tool to find pending tribe tokens on your pending posts. You can find the tool at…