How are you engaging in multiple tribes? Tips and Tricks?

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I am a keen user and supporter of multiple tribes across the Hive-Engine spectrum. My biggest issue is how do I continue to support and engage with all the tribes that I like and curate effectively.

At the moment I have a number of different accounts dedicated to different tribes to try and effectively facilitate curating different tokens. This becomes difficult and time consuming as the number of tribes I participate in grows. Most of my curation occurs from this account and the ability to alter the vote strengths through LeoDex is a fantastic way to try and spread you vote % further. I posted on how to do this in a previous post here:

I currently hold a few tokens from some tribes that I want to engage in further and curate more but to effectively do this and spread my voting power I would need to create another account which is possible. Then delegate the token I want to curate, such as POB, to this account so I can focus purely on curating and supporting this community.

I always post from this account as posting across multiple accounts would be crazy difficult and not possible with my hectic lifestyle at the moment.

What are the tips and tricks that other much more proficient users than I use to be more effective in this space?

What do other users do? I’d like to hear from anyone who feels they have ‘mastered’ how to curate communities effectively. Comments are always upvoted!

Thanks for reading.

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