What to Power Up - HIVE or LEO???

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I have a dilemma!!!! What should I do?

LEO has always been a keen project that I hav always been keen to up my stake in. I missed the early bird to get in and grab lots of cheap tokens early and that was a shame but as they say, shit happens. Now I am making some nice little daily profits from some other projects and I am in a little bit of a dilemma, do I sell for HIVE and power up HIVE or do I swap for more LEO and continue to build my LEO foothold?

Over just the past two weeks I have nearly doubled my LEO holdings which is amazing and I continue to move in that direction towards an eventual goal of 5000LP. My HP is only around 1500 but I am starting to wonder whether I should be powering up more HP.......

It is a dilemma that I am happy to have, but with the price of LEO at the moment and the plans in that space, it just seems too good to be true to het LEO less than 1 Hive a piece.

You never know what the market will do eventually and you just have to jump in feet first I guess. Well, whatever I decide, I'll be stacking something!

Thanks for reading.

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