New Donner Lake Sunset Photos

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Scott Thompson
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I recently got out for some new Donner Lake sunset photos. It had been a while since I shot any new landscapes, or posted on Hive. Life has been challenging lately. Lots of changes. One of the silver linings to everything that is going on, is that I am moving into a new studio apartment right across the street from this location!

After making myself dinner at my new pad, I noticed that a nice colorful sunset was developing. Well, instead of driving 15 minutes to this spot, I walked across the street with my gear. It took about 60 seconds to get there! These docks are often busy this time of year and it can be challenging to find one that doesn't have a group of people on it. But in the evening and early morning, there are usually one or two docks open. I have also been fishing a bit from the docks when I have a little free time. And I can now drag my kayak across the street and go for a paddle. It's a pretty cool location to live!

As I settle into my new living situation, I should be able to easily get out for more Donner Lake and Lake Tahoe photos soon... And you should start seeing me post more here on hive again.


The photo above was shot about three minutes before the photo below. Both with a Canon 5DSr and a 24-105mm lens.


I couldn't decide which one I liked better. A- with orange clouds, or B- with pink clouds and a bit of the silhouetted pine tree in the foreground. Which one is your favorite???


Thanks for looking. As I said, I hope to be shooting and posting more again soon... Hope you're having a great day!

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