Could bitcoin hit $1,000,000 by 2022? (warning:click bait)

Let me start this article by stressing that this is not financial advice and the metrics I am looking at are very arbitrary. I’d just like…

Report from El Salvador : « The first 40 days of BTC as our currency »

Dear fellow LeoFinancers, during the last weeks some Hivers - among whom @selfhelp4trolls - upon discovering that I live in El Salvador…

What will you do if bitcoin hits $250,000?

I try not to think too much about price predictions because I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment. Even if things go well…

SPK Network | LARYNX Miner Claim drop - 90 Days until Snapshot

We are happy to announce that exactly three months (90 Days) from now, we will do the snapshot

Beaten, Harassed & Dehumanized By The Police As Crypto Still Remains Illegal In Nigeria.

It was barely 24 hours after @belemo talked about his experience , an

I see the future taking shape - Bitcoin as the singularity

The future will not be perfect, it will not be utopian, but it will be better than it is now for anyone who is ready for it. This paradi

Is it selfish not to give...?

I was living in a city much cheaper than Tokyo once where I met a man on the street at 11 PM. I had just arrived and didn't have many…

An Evolving Personal Financial Paradigm

I almost jumped out of bed when I looked at the Hive price this morning. I was quickly reminded of the pinched nerve that had kept me in…

Bypass advertising with the network effect

Those of you who know me know how much I dislike advertising. I don’t enjoy trying to sell myself. I don’t want to feel like a product…

Long-form content or short-form content? Which shall you choose? ;-)

I can be a bit wordy at times. I don't think I'm boring, but my brain always follows multiple lines of thought at the same time, and they…

50% of the world could earn a living with social media in 20 years

Old habits die hard. Many people are waiting for things to go back to normal or just scrambling to keep their jobs as long as possible…

No country will remain unchanged

The future is not going to allow anyone to stay still. Automation is coming, and on top of that, the internationalization of the workforc

What if borrowing and lending was illegal?

Decentralized finance is popular and exciting and if you are earning from it, congratulations. I totally support people taking advantage…

The inevitable decentralization of “Reserve Currency”

When I buy a lunch box at a restaurant in Tokyo, I sometimes have upwards of 15 options for payment. I can pay with cash, credit, debit…

PIZZA Token | Much more than a 'gift' token

As many of you know, PIZZA is one of the fastest growing tokens on the second-layer here at HIVE. Not only has PIZZA exploded past 3,000…

Where them diamond hands come from - How to get rich

A friend of mine told me a few months ago that he finally got into crypto. I was surprised at how quickly he picked up the ropes. His…

Modern Slavery: Centralization

Some few days ago I was pondering on the past generations and the slavery they suffered, I realised the cuffs and chains weren't what…

Hot Jobs in my company - Anyone interested ?

Anyone looking for a job and want to join my company ? This is the first time I am sharing something related to jobs to the HIVE…

The simple App that would change everything for Hive.

A lot of us think that we need some kind of mass adoption for Hive to rise in value, and I’m guilty of having been one of them. It…

I’m in Hive Heaven! You haven’t seen my final form...

My favorite thing about blogging are those days when the topic and time of posting just seem to match, I hit that nerve that gets people…