Optimism At The End Of The World: Staying Sane When The World Is Falling Apart

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Are you feeling it right now? I am.

I know things will work out “in the end”, I know the work will pay off eventually. I know the grind is not for nothing.

I play a pretty risky game for those who follow traditional wisdom but in crypto I’m really conservative in my investments. Bitcoin and hive. Just HODLing.

I know I’m supposed to take profits but I never trust the timing and so I miss all my chances….left holding my bags, knowing they’ll go up again….eventually.

I was planning to take profits during what I thought would be a 5 year cycle, and then to build a business. It’s looking more and more like I won’t be able to do that so I am trying to find the best plan B.

Keep grinding, keep grinding.

I’m a little exhausted. I’m tired of not having enough money to do any of the things all the “regular” around me do. I have less than all my students. But this is what I signed up for when I decided to be a self employed teacher/artist, and especially one who isn’t trying to market themselves to the masses.

It’s a grind.

It’s been 6 years since I had any money in my bank account. I received a tiny inheretence from my grandmother in 2019, put it all in bitcoin, and aside from that and my hive earnings which are all either in Hive or BTC, I haven’t managed to save up anything.

No buying the dip.

On the bright side, another year and a half of this and I probably will have the ability to buy the dip a little, none of my crypto will be necessary to survive, as it would have been given a 5 year cycle. I’m being forced to figure things out without crypto, the cost of living is too high here and I’d rather stack at these prices.

That’s assuming a few things like I’ll even be able to keep building this business with the way the economy is going. Who really knows what will happen…it’s getting really weird out there. I thought that this would happen for so long that I almost stopped believing it would happen. Now it’s here and I’m like “damn everything happens so slow”…

But I’m ok… It’s work but I’m ok!

I’m getting better at playing this game called life. When things look hopeless, there is always an opportunity on the other end, it’s just about staying calm and focused enough that you set yourself up for it.

Where is this opportunity?

Well I’m not sure but it’s probably in all the knowledge I’ve gained and relationships I’ve made these past few years.

The grind has not been fruitless.

Sure my net worth has been plummiting back to nothing after a short time finally being something I consider substantial. But, things have changed for me.

I am much more capable than I was when I left the rat race. The world is starting to understand what I’m talking about too.

If I stay calm, I am able to catch the patterns and see which way I should go.

The path doesn’t show itself all at once. It appears one step at a time. The future is still foggy, but I know very clearly what I should be doing right now.

Keep building those relationships. Share the knowledge. Don’t hold back. Set a fair price for your services but also give freely when it costs little to yourself. DO NOT GET SUCKED INTO DRAMA. It’s just noise. It’s a distraction.

This is leading somewhere, there are ways to win this game and it’s less about strategizing and more about staying the course, and more than that, enjoying the ride.

It’s cliche as fuck, but this is a time when it’s neccisary to enjoy the ride, because if you don’t, you will trip and fall on the tracks.

There will be fewer safety nets and second chances, but if you manage to build strong relationships and avoid self destructive behavior, life will accommodate you.

All of our ideas about life and society are going to transform over the next few years. Those who are hanging out in a community of forward thinking people may have a better idea of where things are going, but there is so much we cannot predict.

Now more than ever, it’s possible to create your reality, and I’m not even being metaphysical or spiritual when I say that. Life will look like heaven or hell depending on what you focus on. The status quo is dying and we will now be in constant flux forever more.

Many paths will open up to you, rather than stressing over which one to take focus on your emotional state. Get excited, face your fear so it can’t hold you back. Take risks, but only after you are emotionally prepared to fail.

Patience is key. Not getting stuck in any narrative is key. Going outside of your comfort zone is key.

These words are directed at myself as much as anyone else, but I think they apply to anyone who is unsure of the future, and right now, I think that’s most of us 😉

Have fun out there and don’t be too reckless 😊 !


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Exactly the words I needed to hear. I think I'm almost in a similar boat as you. I have nothing in savings except my Hive assets and now it looks like the world Is going to crumble.

Standard of living keeps shooting through the roof and time as slowed. It surely is a tricky game ..but patience is a virtue and I try to wear it as often as I can..I'm glad I actually got into the world of Crypto because it has thought me a lot more about life than my academics could have, I've learnt to make friends , take risks and try to control my emotions...it can get really hard but it's worth it.

I had one of the worst times of my life last week, I was broke, I was in debt and I was psychologically shattered...but regularly coming back to Hive and reading posts, making my own posts elevated me, I got to earn some pretty good upvotes and change my mindset...It feels good...but the dip keeps dipping and I can't buy the dip, hehe..but I'm certain I'll discover soon what my future holds..I'll take it a step at a time and avoid letting FUD control me...

Thanks for sharing ❤️

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I know what it's like. Actually according to common sense I should be panicking right now, not only because of crypto but because of other responsibilities. I have my phone bill on my desk and I need to wait until next week to have money to pay it off. If anything goes wrong, I will be late on payment and my service will be suspended. I need to come up with 50k USD by September or I might have to give up on my plan to start a business.

It's been like this for years though, so I'm tough.

I could have sold my crypto at any time and gotten some temporary relief but it would only last for a few months, or a year at the longest. I figure if I can hold on a little longer I will be able to use it to really change my life. I'm feeling a little sad that it might be another two years, but even if it fails completely, I grew so much at Hive and through learning about the economy and crypto, I feel so much more competent and capable than before.

So I'm ok!

I hope you are coming back from that fall!


I have been feeling it for a year now. I just keep thinking about how we will have everything paid off in less than 5 years and will be able to breathe a bit.

Just have to keep plugging along and think about when it gets better.


You are right, I'm near certain. But I've been playing the 5 years later game for 5 years already lol. I'm tired.

I just have to focus on how awesome I've become and how much more awesome I'll become during that period. Like I said above. I thought investing more would be impossible, but maybe I can figure it out if we really are in a full on bear market which we seem to be