More STEEM Power Down Coming

9 months ago
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Fortunately, Dlease has an option for canceling a lease renewal. One prior leaser renewed for three months at a little over 8% interest. It's a great price for him. However, it's much lower than other leases on the market. I think I can do better moving my assets over to Hive. So, I canceled the renewal to get my delegated SP back.

Once the 5 day delegation return period is over, I'll begin powering down about 500 STEEM. I have another lease ending soon, which is another 500 STEEM.

I am excited to finally be able to move out of STEEM completely. I have contemplated getting myself banned on STEEM so that my old posts don't generate advertising income. I'm not sold on the idea, however.

This locked up STEEM plus the regular Hive buys I'll be making will boost my account. I'll be able to give bigger curation rewards.

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