Battle Mage Secrets: Slower Is Faster

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I'm here to share my Battle Mage Secrets blog post for the Battle Mage Secrets Weekly challenge. The theme featured this week is Reverse Speed. In this ruleset, the slowest units attack go first. Something interesting to note is that usually melee 1 speed goes the slowest so this will attack first. It also reverses the attack order of other components which you can find below which I got from Splinterlands support page.

Reverse Speed Ruleset - If a battle has the Reverse Speed ruleset, then all of the attack order variables are affected, not just the speed.
Lowest speed goes first If speed is the same, the attack type is then reversed - Melee or No Attack, Range, then Magic If attack type is the same, the lower rarity goes first If rarity is the same, the lower monster level goes first If all the above are the same, the monster that goes first is randomly chosen (source)


My Strategy & Tips For Reverse Speed

For reverse speed, it's best to play slow creatures. In my opinion, I feel that Earth, Death and Fire have some of the best low speed monsters. Of course Dr Blight is another god tier option in this ruleset since it has 1 speed and huge value for the cost; it's also a neutral so you can play with any element provided neutral cards aren't banned. Personally, I like to spam Immortalis in this ruleset with Mycelic infantry, Queen Mycelia, Goblin Psychic, Goblin Tower as the core and the rest of the team is flexible according to what is needed.

For summoners, there isn't really any amazing summoners to choose from in my opinion. However, there are summoners that are not good to play in this ruleset. You want to avoid playing summoners that increase your units speed or decrease opponents units speed.


The Battle

I played this battle on my scholar account, bltzr-wizard-727. The battle link can be found here. The ruleset for this battle was just reverse speed. This battle was in diamond with 42 mana and only Earth, Death and Dragon element available.


Discussing My Lineup


Summoner, Immortalis - I chose Immortalis as this summoner is one of the best summoners in the game at the moment. This can also be seen by the price on the market. It's truly great in most situations I feel and can't really go wrong.

First Position, Mycelic Infantry - I chose Mycelic Infantry to be my frontline I've mentioned before that this unit synergizes well with Immortalis since it basically cuts in half damage from any type of damage.

Second Position, Queen Mycelia - I chose Queen Mycelia to heal my backline taunt. It also gives great utility of providing armor to the team as well as removing armor from the opposing team.

Third Position, Goblin Psychic - The main purpose of Goblin Psychic was to heal my frontline. It also happens to have affliction, dispel and silence which can also come in useful in certain situations.

Fourth Position, Acid Shooter - The purpose of Acid Shooter was to fill the 2 mana leftover. It also can come in handy at randomly hitting backline and giving them poison.

Fifth Position, Goblin Tower - The purpose of this card was to be my big DPS. This card is amazing at reverse speed rulesets. However sometimes I feel it can be better at 4 damage since it won't get affected by forcefield.

Last Position, Mycelic Slipspawn - Mycelic Slipspawn is the main tank since it has taunt. It's main purpose was to divert away any damage away from the low health units from opportunity and just to stall. Even though it does give slow and helps the opponents team I still think this card is worth playing with the taunt.


Analysis of The Battle

This battle was heavily favored towards me. You can see the opponent was heavy magic and with the silence I had from Goblin Psychic and the void I had from Immortalis, my opponent was just not able to do enough damage to break through. My opponent got destroyed by my lineup. It was so bad that the splintertool gave me a 100% victory which means I had a sure victory in the simulations that it calculated.


Do I Like Reverse Speed Ruleset

I love this ruleset. I think it gives a great chance for low speed monsters to shine. As I've said many times before, anything that gives different cards a chance to be good and add more diversity to the game is more than welcome even though there are certain rulesets that I don't like and suck at like common only and no abilities.


Thank You

If you made it here, thank you so much* for reading all the way to the end. I appreciate the support and I hope you learned something new!

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