ABOUT Moving Average(MA) in trading

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Hello hive community, here I will learn a little about analyzing trades, using the Moving Average method or commonly referred to as (MA), and I'm one of the "BEGINNERS" and I want to learn about how to analyze a cryptocurrency exchange and be able to make a small profit, as I know there are several types of methods to analyze and predict Cryptocurrency, including the Moving Average,


Moving Average is a technical indicator that smooths price movements by filtering random price fluctuations.

As an indicator, Moving Average is trend-following (lagging) and lagging (delayed) because it is made based on prices that have occurredMoving Average is an indicator in technical analysis which is quite popular.

There are many versions of Moving Average that are used as indicators of Technical Analysis,

For example:

Simple Moving Average (SMA)

Weighted Moving Average (WMA)

Exponential Moving Average (EMA)

How to use all Moving Averages are the same,But what distinguishes from all types of MA is the average calculation pattern that weighs a certain period value is considered more weighty.

For example,

if the SMA only uses the average average, WMA and EMA use a weighting system, so that this weighting can produce a different average value. So, it can be concluded that the difference is in the level of sensitivity that each indicator gives to stock prices.Actually there are many other types of Moving Average that are obtained from other calculation methods. But this time we will discuss the most commonly used Moving Average types, namely SMA, WMA and EMA.



and if I look at the chart above, and according to my analysis, HIVE will find a price increase point, + 1% (+ -) and if you find a decrease in HIVE you will find a decrease of about 0.1% (- +) and if you find a little doubt we can have a discussion here.

Thanks, great post and MA explanation. Have you tried the HIVE charts at hivewhat.com/charts?

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