Digitalization In Farming To Improve Economy

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Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

Things change with the time and some changes for our better life and better future. Digitalization is popular everywhere and we can apply it to farming to improve our economy. We can focus on increasing the fertility of soil and analog systems can be convert to digital system. Before we used bulls to plough farming lands but now we have tractors and so many other option that can save the energy of animal and also can save the energy of farmers.

Old methods still applying in many villages and I'm not telling that's not good. Digitalization to make things easier than ever. We can see how farmers work hard told grow foods and digital methods can make their work easy and this way they can focus on growing more food and save time as well. So if we apply digital methods in farming we can bring more improvement in farming and also in economy. These things are related to each other like a chain. So we can say its a kind of ecosystem.

How digitalization contributing in farming and economy? Every children are the future of nation and most of the parents encourage them to set their goal or aim after completing their academic education. Some wants to be doctor, some wants to be engineer and so many high ranking professions. But no one is encourage to be a farmer, the farmer who grow foods and without foods can we imagine our life? Only doctors are not life saver, a farmer is also a life saver. Just imagine, if farmers decide that they will stop growing food then how will be our life?

Image by lumix2004 from Pixabay

Honestly what I believe, old methods are always boring and trying something new is always interesting. So digitalization is something that make things interesting, user friendly and productive. For new generation digitalization in everything is a must and this is also need in farming to make it more interesting to new generation. We should respect the profession of farmer. Farmer grow foods means they are also live savers and they deserves more respect.

When farming will be form in digital methods, young generation will be encouraged to make money from it and they will surely give their hundred percent efforts in farming along economy. But before that each and every section of farming should be improved and digital. Production should be digital. We can buy and sell online now so farmers also can sell their goods online as well. If we think about it, it surely found interesting and we would love to try it.

Now I'm a freelancer but my aim to be a farmer in future. I would love to grow my own foods. Isn't it interesting? Growing our own foods is a great pleasure and this way we also can contribute to our economy of our country. Having fresh organic foods from our own farming will surely bring more satisfaction. Once my mom had vegetable garden, she had chickens, ducks, pigeons as her pet and she also collected eggs from it and she also sold to her neighbors and this is really a great thing but she doesn’t had digital methods as a result sometimes she suffer from lose too.

But now every problem has solution on our finger tip so there are less chances of lose in farming. There would be some advantages and disadvantages of applying digitalization in farming but the advantages mostly found so we can try it and find the disadvantages and improve it as much possible.

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