Today Is My 5th Hive Birthday

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According to data record Its my 5th birthday on hive. Not actually my birthday, birthday of my hive and steemit account. Five years ago today I've joined steemit and more than 4 years I was inactive on hive.

I'm active on hive since last year October and from that time I can't remember if I took a day off from blogging. All praise to be Almighty Allah for making be able to be regular writer or blogger in blockchain based blogging platforms.

I got a sweet note from @hivebuzz as they remind me my hive birthday today. My hive account was auto generated from my steemit account so this is the day when I've joined blockchain and also keep my first step to the crypto world.

Its a screenshot

I was not familiar with crypto before joining these blockchain based platforms. Steem is my first love about cryptocurrency as I met it first and then hive came to my life and I'm in love with both. Bitcoin was famous in crypto world since the beginning but I was puzzled about all these.

Last five years I was not seriously active with these platforms but in last two years when I start being active with steemit and then hive, I've learnt a lot of things about crypto, tokens, finance, market, virtual cash, bull market, bear market and so on. Not sure about next five years but I aim to be a good trader in crypto world and also aim to earn decent cash that can secure my financial freedom and stability.

My salute to each crypto earning platforms as I consider crypto as life changing asset. I wish, dear crypto may live longer than mine and spreading happiness and blessings as a life changing asset. I would love to be with hive and steemit till the rest of my life. The contribution of both hive and steemit in my life will be unforgettable. My love and gratitude to them will never end.

Next goal is ofcourse making my accounts stronger and I do power up as much I can. Someday I want to see myself as a crypto queen. Consider this as my big dream for today which can come true tomorrow inshaAllah! Wish me more good luck to complete many more years with blockchain based blogging platforms successfully.

I enjoy my stay with blockchain, I love making crypto and use this asset wisely. Wish me best of luck for achieving goals for next few years. I'm learning and exploring almost everyday. I love maintaining regularity. .

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