Hive explained: Article Six: Hive Wallet: convenience and security.

Hive Academy This series of articles is my attempt to point out some useful information, as well as tips for those new to Hive. I have…

Tesla a brilliant investment or investment bubble pumped up by carbon credits

If Tesla is only profitable because of carbon credits should it be in the S&P 500? Investing is a tricky game, and most people prefer to…

Cryptocurrency can make saving the earth profitable

Saving the Earth your thing? There’s a cryptocurrency project supporting that. As I listened to Friday’s edition of Bankless, a popular…

Hive Explained: Article Five:The Reward Pool and Upvote System on Hive

A Single Candle Can Light A Hundred Other Candles. . The title is the first phrase of a poem about a single candle being able to…

Project Report 9/16/2021

Shortsegment Projects Report 3rd week of September. No Loss Lottery Summary The No Loss Lottery is a Prize Linked Savin

Blockchains Core Concept: Crypto tokens live on the blockchain.

Cryptocurrency Tokens belong not to people, but to the blockchains. I was reading a blockchains textbook and I had an aha moment.…

How Splinterlands Can Benefit From Axie Infinity's Popularity

Blockchain gaming is one of the core sectors that is contributing to mass crypto adoption. Now, gamers & investors can own Digital…

No Loss Lottery Sells 4000 Tickets!

The No Loss Lottery Sold it’s 4000th Ticket! It’s a great milestone because the weekly prizes are bigger and I should be able to giv

Cryptocurrency used as money: methods and places to use cryptocurrency to buy goods and services.

100 Places to buy everyday stuff with cryptocurrency. Any discussion of cryptocurrency as money, must include a discussion of using…

Walmart Litecoin False News Story a lesson in due diligence.

Article plus links to six news stories and three Leofinance posts on this topic. A lesson in the need for Due Diligence The news…

Winners Announcement Week 17 of the No Loss Lottery

Winners Announcement for Week Seventeen of the No Loss Lottery 126 Leo in Prizes This weeks total prizes are: 126 Leo

EasyDeFi: skip the complicated path and go straight to the profits!

EasyDeFi is the path around the complexity of DeFi going straight to the profits!$ @easydefi Why go through the maze to get to the…

Splinterlands: suddenly it’s everywhere!

Splinterlands: When it rains it pours interviews, posts, publicity, and record numbers of new accounts. A game that’

Splinterlands: Super Cool Easy Play to Earn Crypto NFT game for EVERYONE!

Video Guide: "Splinterlands makes it easy to earn on a daily basis. Players can win rewards from Tournaments, Ranked play, and Quests…

The No Loss Lottery Sells it’s 2000th Ticket

The No Loss Lottery Sold it’s 2000th Ticket Last week! It’s a great milestone because not only does it mean the weekly

Hive Explained: Article Four : The New and Improved Facebook.

Hive is the new and improved Facebook. In this article I start with a brief explaination of how Hive is a new and improved

Pros and Cons of Monero (XMR)


The Ethereum L2–L2 revolution, is it the end of L1-L1 cross blockchains trading and why should you care?

Are we witnessing a revolution in cross blockchain trading? Are we at a major turning point in cross blockchain trading and will L1 to…

Calling Super Savers! The No Loss Lottery accepts Hive!

Did you know you can deposit Hive with a chance to win Leo! The Prize Linked Savings Account called No Loss Lottery has always been open…

Project Report No Loss Lottery & EasyDefi 9/5/21

Shortsegment Projects I have two projects on Leofinance which report out each Sunday. The projects are my contribution to…