Strategic Mediocrity in Investing

Strategic Mediocrity in investing. I was listening to a PodCast about a bond fund manager who purposefully tried not to be number one…

Is Robin Hood the Pied Piper of Cryptocurrency Mass Adoption

I believe Robin Hood is becoming a powerful force promoting cryptocurrency mass adoption! source Why? Robinhood is offering a…

'Grim Reapers' Gunning for Do Kwon and Terra - More Trouble Mounts

Photo Source The South Korean Yeouido Grim Reaper special criminal team is being revived in order to conduct an investiga

Financial Freedom Act Companion Bill Introduced in the House of Representatives - News Brief

Photo Source Florida Republican, Byron Donalds, today has introduced the Financial Freedom Act into the US House of Repre

Terra Luna Rest in Peace

Bury it and move on. My condolences to those who lost money on Terra Luna and UST. I understand their hope of redemption and…

The Gemini Dollar Stablecoin: GUSD, is it the best dollar backed stablecoin?

Stablecoin information article one: Gemini Dollar. Gemini Dollar ERC20 token minted on the Ethereum blockchain. It is backed…

HIVE crypto price doesn’t matter... yet

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams. A look at why in my phase of wealth accumulation, the HIVE c

Breaking News: RobinHood Announces Mult-token Self-custody wallet in RobinHood 3 Mobile

Robin Hood Announces the imminent release of it’s multi-token, multi-blockchain, self-custody wallet! This Big New has cryptocurrency…

Stablecoin Bad News Continues? 7.5 Billion in Tether Redeemed?

Stable coin Bust? The fear, uncertainty and doubt about stablecoins continues, as investors have been redeeming USDT or Tether, the US…

The CUB's still breathing...

I have to be honest that Leofinance projects are always overwhelming for me. It's like I just finish understanding one and a new one comes…

What are stablecoins and what should you know about them before investing?

Define Stablecoin They are price-stable digital assets that behave somewhat like fiat, but also have the easy movability and utility of…

Don't Wait To Get Attention - Do This Instead!

In our offline world, a lot of us wish to be noticed and to get attention of some people especially those that would favour us in one way…

FTX Cryptocurrency Exchange buys a big stake in RobinHood Stock Exchange

Why? A cryptocurrency exchange innovator buys part of a stock exchange innovator or perhaps put another way, a Web 3.0…

BITCOIN BOTTOM IS IN? LIVE w/ Alex Mashinsky of Celsius

Interested in being featured on The O Show? Contact Heather on Telegram @crowbooking Official Wendy O Social Media Links can be found…

Can These Top Altcoins Save Crypto? ADA ETH LUNA🙉$29,000 Bitcoin Bear

WE GOT THIS Video Topics and TimeStamps: 00:00 It's going to be ok babe xo 00:29 Total #crypto market cap chart 01:29 #Bitcoin…

Are you feeling blown away by the bear market?

A Bear Market Blows Cold Air which chills you to the bone. It’s hard to stay upbeat about your investments when their value has…

Coinbase denies Russian investors access to their cryptocurrency accounts: not your keys, not your crypto!

What happened to the ownership and control of your cryptocurrency tokens promised by the blockchain? source Blockchain promised p

Popular YouTube Podcast Bankless and Leofinance both Banned from YouTube the same week!

YouTube Ban Hammer YouTube, arguably the largest video blogging platform on the planet, a statement I qualify only because I don't know…

Ethereum and Leofinance plan merges this year!

Ethereum Merger and Leofinance Merger Many Ethereum fans are happy about the planned merge this year, possibly quarter 3, when the Proof…

The New Multi-Token Bridge Future of PolyCUB | MASSIVE Value Accrual for the DAO

▶️ Watch on 3Speak ![Escrow accts function on PC.png](