Hive Explained: Article Four : The New and Improved Facebook.

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Hive is the new and improved Facebook.

  • In this article I start with a brief explaination of how Hive is a new and improved Facebook, by comparing core features of Facebook with core features of HIve.
  • Then I add a dictionary of terms you need to undrstand, and which you can read at your leisure and at your own pace.
Imagine a site like Facebook or Instagram, where you can sign up instantly and start sharing your talents with the world.
  • Things like your beautiful photography, your intricate drawings, you marvelous woodworking, your latest short stories or your latest songs.
  • All that stuff is called Content Whatever Content you create, you can share it with the world, or mainly your Friends/Followers all over the world, just like you do on Facebook, but with a couple important differences:

First, you own your content.

  • Yes, everything you create, and uploaded onto to this New Facebook belonged to you and not to the old Facebook or the New Facebook, it is yours.

Second, you can't have your account taken down.

  • Nope, even if you offend people, it stays up. Now other people can block yourstuff from appearing on their version of this New Facebook, just like the Old Facebook so they don't have to ever see what your doing. But they can't take down your posts or stop you from posting.

Third, you can get paid for your content.

  • Yes, you can get paid for uploading your Content on this New Facebook as opposed to never getting paid on the old Facebook.
  • Now the operative word is can. You need to create content that people are willing to upvote.
  • So no-one decides what's worth money except your friends/followers.
  • Remember the people who Friend you on this new Facebook, something this new Facebook calls Followers.

Fourth, No Likes, in the New Facebook you get Upvotes.

  • No, you don't get Likes like old Facebook, you get upvotes and upvotes are worth money. Crypto money, like Bitcoin.
  • I hope your thinking I love likes, but money pays the rent….

Fifth, you build a list of Followers not Friends.

  • Yes, you buildings a lot of Friends on Facebook looks good, but it doesn't mean anything, other then the number next to the word F
  • riends goes up. It's psychologically appealing, but monetarily meaningless, unless you have millions of friends and become an influencer.
  • But building Followers on the New Facebook means more Upvotes and Upvotes can mean crypto money.

Sixth, the Daily rewards Pool.

  • They don't have a Daily Reward Pool in the Old Facebook, but there is in the New Facebook.
  • I could explain to you in cryptocurrency terms what the reward pool is but it would serve no real purpose.
  • Suffice it to say, that it is magically regenerating prize pool.
  • If you by 100 tokens of the cryptocurrency made by this New Facebook you get to give out 100 one percent small prizes of crypto money with your upvotes everyday.
  • Or you can give out 20 five percent bigger prizes or 10 one hundred percent bigger yet prizes.
  • It depends on how many Followers you decide to reward by upvoting their content.

Enough for today

  • I think that's enough for someone new to our community to read and try to understand in one day.
  • Just remember that while this community provides a means to make extra money, it takes good content, good networking skills and patience to succeed.
  • If that sounds like hard work and dedication, it is, but it also describes most things in like, which are worthwhile...they are hard.
  • But when you succeed, how sweet it is indeed.

The fruit of hard labor is often very sweet.



Heres the dictionary I promised:

Hive Academy: social media on the blockchain important terminology.

The stuff you upload on Facebook, like pictures, poems, stories or anything else you upload is called #content.

People who take pictures, write poems or stories, make music or movies, are called #content-creators.

When you upload stuff on Facebook, so that people can see it on your webpage it’s called #publishing.

Some people who take pictures, write poems sell them through a #publisher. The #publishers help the content producers make money. The #publishers get a percentage of the money. Unfortunately most forms of Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok or YouTube keep the money your content generates via Advertising revenue or data selling, with YouTube being the exception, in that once you generate a certain large number of subscribers and views you get paid.

This means to turn something into money, but it’s not an actual transformation of something into money, it means use it to make money.

#Content Publisher or Content Publishing website
Hive is also called a #content #publishing #site.

#Hive compared to Facebook:
The big difference between Facebook and Hive is that people provide #content to Facebook for free. On Hive people can get paid for the same content they upload on Facebook for free. The application Hive is free just like Facebook. It is a webpage application, so you don’t have to download it to your phone or computer. You just go to the webpage, type in your user name and password and see your personal webpage just like Facebook.

But because you can get paid on Hive you have a special page called a #wallet page where you see all the rewards you get for your content.

#Rewards, #likes, #upvotes, #liking and #upvoting.
There are many things on Hive, you won’t find on Facebook. One of the most important of these is called rewards. Also Hive has #likes but they are called #”upvotes”. Instead of leaving a #like, you leave an #upvote. So instead of #liking content you #upvote it. The important thing about this is you receive a #payment or #reward for #upvotes. The [email protected] or #rewards for #upvotes on Hive are in cryptocurrency token called #Hive.

#Author and #Curation rewards
On Hive #content creators who upload content receive #rewards called #author rewards. They are considered the author of content they create. This includes written and video content. The rewards are a cryptocurrency token like Bitcoin, but it’s a different cryptocurrency token called #Hive.

#Hive Token and #Hive #Blockchain
You have probably heard of Bitcoin, it is a form of digital money called a #”cryptocurrency” token. Hive is a cryptocurrency token like Bitcoin.

The book-keeping or accounting system which keeps track of Hive transactions is called a “blockchain.” You probably have hearing about this #new-thing called the blockchain. It’s a new way to track money, supplies, events and store information. It is different from any other form of accounting isystem and it underlies Hive.
But you don’t have to understand the blockchain and how it works to be a content creator, because on Hive we want you to focus on creating content, engaging your audience, reading content and engaging authors or content producers.

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