RE: Splinterlands DEC $1 Peg is Fascinating

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Wow thats a lot of SPT!
Whats the price of SPT now?

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0.0007 im prob just going to offer better terms like only a 5% fee instead of 10% and no curator fees in addition so flat 5% plust x portion of a LP pool we will grow with voting on are blodgs get all the delegators and propose that so I can get ppl locked in to for like a year and % offer more than the curator gives now so i can amass more tokens I gotta have 60% so i can change it so everyone can participate like lower to 10K or 100K SPT. My lp pool at like ea grand in it pays out 7000 a day. Much more than the curator so will use that as one of are main tokens. I wont finalize the SPT card until I have contorl of of the dao while im trying to do it. Also will be offering long term rentals like full season or month to month in SPT adjusted weekly for floating rate or a higher premium pon fixed. Also want to do somthing with the NFTs maybe make them the only currentcy in a gambleing game like a simple vote for a chance to win this nft and lottery bots on steem i want to deploy likke 50 to just suck out 50% each vote and spt votes count double as will dec as i need both. If you have any SPT
that you want to delegate and get a better ROI on we want it or any other delegation as wel will be doing a large curation project