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I agree with this completely:

Okay so maybe this is all a bit ridiculous, but what isn't ridiculous is framing the cryptosphere within the context of cooperation and collaboration instead of one that is in constant competition with one another.

Me: The fact all chains are in boats, paddling upstream, and each will have to successfully make it up stream based on the soundness of their boat and the skill of their crew. All will navigate difficulties and storms.

There's no such thing as an XYZ Killer. Show me a single example of one crypto wiping out another one in a dog-eat-dog melee. A cryptocurrency's biggest threat is the weakness of its own protocol. Just ask LUNA. emphasis mine, the truth is funny at times too.

At a certain point I think it's going to become painfully obvious that all this infighting and perceived competition within the arena is completely ridiculous. There will be a time where we will be forced to work together to survive, or perish alone. The choice between those two is an easy one to make.

Me:Well said.

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