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Hi @edicted

I have only been here three years, but my experience has been exactly as you describe: Hive Pump, Hive Dump, but I agree, that this time, the Pump was higher and the dump was lower. So higher Highs and lower Lows (in general) mean positive price action.

Bravo and well done.
Wise words...

It's always good to have some liquid Hive on hand just in case something crazy happens (like an x2 in ten minutes). Historically the price is going to drop 95% of the time after a big pump like that. However, I always urge steady hands and balanced positions. It's never correct to move all in or all out of these markets. Hedge your bets and you'll do just fine.

It's always a good idea to keep some dry powder on hand for when things blew up, you can step right in and able to capitalize on the gains.
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Hive is definitely a solution to social media ailments and if only we could whisper in Tom Dorsey's ear: You don't need to create another Hive, join us here as a whale, then put in the APIs to link Twitter to Hive, then sit back and watch your money grow.

A fella can dream right?


Splinterlands @aggroed announced their one millioneth account, I am waiting for your post about that...

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