RE: Market Watch: Very Near The Bottom

12 days ago
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Hi @edicted

Great post as usual. I thought of selling at 60 k and buying the dip, but there was that fake out news of 100k, so I hung in there and hodled...

I didn’t know Greyscale was changing their game. I am invested in them in my IRA, and wondered if they were going to try the ETF again... I hear there are four now Greyscale, Gemini, Fidelity and one more run by the Guy who was Trumps Chief of Staff for one day or something like that Scaramuchi ...

Cub is hovering around 3.00 I was going to wait to see if it went lower, but decided to pull the trigger at 3 as that is a discount over its recent 3.90 plus price :)

Take Care,Thanks for the insights.


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