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Well said @edicted

but you may have to write this a few more times until the majority of people on Hive get it. Then it has to be replicated 1000 times for enough people outside Hive get it, and then move into Hive. LOL

People think stable coins have to be backed by dollars and gold because even though they have moved into the crypto'sphere, they still think like they are operating in TradFi.

Some even pat themselves on the back saying they are smart enough to straddle both worlds. Thats not smart, well the making of millions of dollars is smart, but the straddling of two worlds, but forcing the concepts of Tradfi into crypto is not enlightened or particularly brilliant.

Brilliant is when you realize that a cryptographically signed immutable transparent ledger with real decentralized consensus is security, and utility is the ultimate holder of value. Plus in a complimentary fashion, it is security and utility, which bring stability. But you already know that, you wrote this article.


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