RE: Mandala Exchange: Binance Bridge Shutting Down November 25th.

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Hi @edicted
I am very sad to hear this news, as Binance Bridge is a great portal in or out of BSC. Plus their Eth fees are very low, almost nothing to move money in and 20-30 USD in Eth to move Dai out. Which is very reasonable for any Eth transaction. If you try this on Uniswap Exchanging $500 in Eth for $500 of WLEO costs nearly $USD, then moving WLEO to Bleo across Leobridge costs more in Eth fees. High Carumba!

I guess I will use my Binance account, I am told it’s easy to trade bsc BNB for regular BNB, then Dai people, except for people from North Korean, Iran and the USA.

Thanks for sharing your experience on Mandalay exchange. I should open an account with them, because it’s always good to have a Plan B, when it comes to crypto.

Now that I am active with Splinterlands I can buy SPS there and send it to Splinterlands directly, the bridge is hidden in the user interface and there’s no fees. Then I can send SPS to Hive-Engine, to trade SPS for Hive, and the sell Hive on an exchange or stack it.

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