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Interesting ideas about being a thought leader. I especially like the Einstein quotes. I must admit that I think knowledge of how to perform coding is important, but I think I agree with Einstein in this way: creativity, imagination are very important because it allows you to look at the technological building blocks and envision what can be created from those components. I firmly believe what made Thomas Edison rich was not his technological expertise, but his creative vision about what could be done with technology.

As an example, the electric light monofilament was a technological advancement allowing a current to be passsed through a wire hundreds of times without destroying it. That’s impressive technology. But the creativity to take that science and use it to create a light bulb that can be turned on and off a thousand times is a creative application. Then creating a narrative where society no longer burns torches soaked kerosene with the resultant black smoke, and imagining a city street lit up at night by clean, non-polluting electrical lights, is another creative jump in application of science.

I think one important creative jump from your story is that as we teach children finance at younger ages, along with reading them fairy tales to develop their sense of creativity and imagery, they will create financial products we only dream of…

The future looks bright.

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