RE: The Rise Of Decentralized Networked-States And The Lessons We Need To Apply

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Hive Business Center

I created this community to educate people on HIve about businesses on Hive, where HBD is accepted as currency. I agree that true value is derived by utility in economic ventures. The success of Bitcoin in the Bitcoin Beach Communities was not the magic of Bitcoin, it was the magic of commerce. because the communities agreed to only use Bitcoin as currency, the communities money stopped flowing out of the community and instead around the community. People performed work and provided goods and services for Bitcoin. Businesses created jobs, people created services, the effect of Bitcoin was more due to it's peer to peer nature without middlement, which allowed unfettered commerce. I believe that if the Hive Community becomes educated about these things the potential of HBD is very great, and the potential of the communiuty will be greatly enhanced. Hive Business Center isn't very glamourous, but I think it could be very important. It's the boring stuff that really has an effect.

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