Twin Opportunity Investment: Art & Bitcoin

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I discovered this artist’s website and he makes original print art with imbedded private keys for Bitcoin. This allows you to invest in Cryptocurrency Art and to Hodl Bitcoin in a special wallet. This struck me as creative and an interesting adaption.

Imagine hiding your private keys in plain sight on Art you hang on the wall. LOL

Bitcoin Art

This piece is called Bitcoins Obituary and catalogues the many a times Bitcoin was pronounced dead. The artists description follows;

Bitcoin has “died” hundreds of times. Bitcoin has been called a scam, a con, a ponzi, a pyramid, too inefficient, and too volatile. On top of all the FUD, critics have cheered that if Bitcoin becomes too popular, governments will attack it. Yet for some reason, adoption, usage and the price continue to grow. Bitcoin, the honey badger of money, lives and has thrived under constant attack. That’s because, it’s a concept that recognizes the inalienable right to store and transact value. Attack it, and it will use code and math to fork into something better and stronger! 99Bitcoins maintains a growing list of Bitcoin’s obituaries.


Note details below:

Cryptoart is a unique way to enjoy, save, and give digital currency.

Each piece has the ability to store Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies offline away from hackers. See how it works…




Each piece has the ability to store Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies offline away from hackers. Watch this video to see how it works.

This is the Age of Cryptocurrency, the only limits to creativity and ingenuity are the limits we set on ourselves. The law of opportunity cost says investing in one thing, costs us the opportunity to invest in another thing. This investment is unique because usually we have to choose between investing in art or investing in Bitcoin. Either could be a good investment. But this unique Art has Bitcoin keys imbedded in the art, so we can invest in both and gain from appreciation in both. It’s great because there’s no opportunity cost and the only consideration left is to ask yourself if this is the highest and best use of your money.

I think the answer is yes. What do you think?


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