What is a good model for tokenized financial social media on a blockchain ? Leofinance.

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Leofinance is a social networking community focused on finance and cryptocurrency.


Leofinance: A new developing social media site and financial ecosystem

What is Leofinance?

  • I call it Social Media Meets + blockchain + Leofinance = the future or Web 3.0

  • LeoFinance is a blockchain-based social media platform for cryptocurrency & finance content.

  • Leofinance allows users and creators to engage and share content on the blockchain, while earning LEO cryptocurrency token rewards.

  • Leofinance is called tokenized a fancy word meaning you can earn tokens or cryptocurrency for writing articles, posting videos, posting memes or commenting on other peoples pictures, memes, videos, video blogs, written blogs or articles.

  • Leofinance is called tokenized social media because you earn cryptocurrency for being social.

  • Leofinance is designed to be very similar to other social media applications you already know how to use, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Medium, so it’s easy for you to learn how to use it.

  • In fact, you can use your Facebook or Twitter accounts to create an account. It only takes a few minutes to create an account, and you will be able to read articles, admire pictures, listen to videos and earn cryptocurrency in about five minutes.

Leofinance has short form and long form content.

  • Leofinance has short form content called comments or replies that allow you to earn. is similar to Facebook for stories and pictures, and Medium for in-depth articles, or YouTube as in 5-10 minute videos.
  • Leofinance has long form content like articles, blogs or video blogs that allow you to earn.
  • Leofinance is limited to content about money, finance and cryptocurrency.

Leofinance has important difference from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or Twitter.

  • You get paid for your content which collects upvotes
  • You get paid for your comments or replies which collect upvotes
  • you own your account
  • you own your content, which includes everything you post.
  • You own your network of fans, followers, friends, supporters and patrons.
  • Censorship resistance; People are free to follow you so they are greeted with your content every time you post something, or if they don’t want to see your content, they can not upvote it, and they have the right to unfollow you so they never have to look at your content again.
    But their decision to upvote or not upvote does affect anyone else’s right to upvote you.
    for your writing and your videos, plus the people who give you likes or in this platform #UpVotes get paid also.

Do you have a big Twitter or YouTube following?

  • They can join you here on Leofinance for free, they can still enjoy your content,but they also get paid!

Second, How do you join?

  • 100% Free, Easy 20 Second Sign-up And Free Account.
  • Just like your twitter account there are no charges or fees.
  • You literally just click on sign up, click on Twitter, enter the name you want for your account and you are good to go.
  • You can be posting and commenting in less than a minute.
  • Try it out today and post an introduction post.
  • As you earn crypto you can stake it or trade it for Ethereum or cash it out.

Sign up with Twitter

Sign up is free, easy and fast.
Check out how easy it is in this video:

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& Earn Ethereum for blogging or Vlogging
Learn How Here: https://twitter.com/FinanceLeo/status/1334504633323098113?s=20

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That's a fantastic graphic, I just would like to see people avoid the word blog! lol. It's a personal preference.

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I started to create a footer with Leofinance links, and then decided to write this post.

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I would note that they only get paid if the blog or comment is above the dust threshold. Other than that, I think it has all the good reasons for people to join LeoFinance.

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I think the hardfork is changing that, but not sure.

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If people put half of energy they put in web2.0 I know they will be very successful

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I think your right. People put much time and effort into Facebook and other social media platforms, which pay them nothing.

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Silly humans, they need to learn New Silly HUman Tricks. LOL

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Ha Ha I am the 100th upvote!
on this post!
I am a numbers guy, I live for these moments.

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Thank you for the 100th upvote on this post.