My Financial Epiphany

My financial epiphany I was raised to follow conventional wisdom. I was educated in conventional schools, took

Bitcoin Green Energy Paradox: will Bitcoin save renewable energy and become the green energy hero?

Bitcoin to the rescue? As I contemplate the latest news headlines about Bitcoin consuming the same amount of energy as small countries…

Strike a phone application that puts the Bitcoin Lightening Network on your phone.


No Loss Lottery Updates June 14th, 2021

Updates in lottery to maintain prize size and winning odds. Additional Funding third week of June Last weeks Prize was boosted

No Loss Lottery Winners Week # Four! 85 Leo in Prizes!

The Fourth Weekly 1st Prize Lottery Winner Determined w

Why I think Bitcoin and the Lightening Network will be success in El Salvador

The Bitcoin Side chain called the Lightning Network This little known sidechain, will be essential for Bitcoin Success in El Salvador.…