What is your end game…..

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Afternoon everyone ….

We talk about a lot of things on this platform of #hive. Crypto obviously takes the main focus, some talk finance, and others precious metals.

We all stack something or more than one thing. While I’m by no means a zombie apocalypse guy. I do make sure that I have provisions on hand at all times to make it through a possible disruption of short to medium length.

I stack silver and a little gold, I stack crypto as well, but I also have food provisions, handguns and plenty of ammo.

But that’s not really what I’m talking about.

What is your end game plan…

Whether you are a crypto stacker or a precious metals stacker, do you have an end game plan. Again I’m not talking about a world collapse scenario.

Basically why are you stacking what you are stacking?

Is it to become wealthy enough to retire? Is it a type of savings for when you retire? Are you just saving it to pass on to someone after you pass away like your child or children.

There are also other factors that need to be addressed.

How old you currently are.

How long have you been stacking.

How hard you have been stacking.

What number are you looking for as an end game result.

If you hit that number, how do you go about executing the liquidation.

I’ll use me as an example since that’s the easiest for me. I’m in my early 50’s, which to me is not close to retirement. Since I live in the United States, I would currently need to wait until the age of 65 for healthcare benefits from the government. That’s is currently up for discussion in Washington. They are looking to change that to 70 years old.

I don’t have a mortgage, nor do I have credit card balances. I do have a truck payment, but that is a business write off.

I would consider myself in those two areas in the top five percent of Americans. I am self employed and my business is a trade so there should always be work for the most part.

The one downfall is that my paychecks are very inconsistent, which means planning buys of any sort is terribly difficult.

While I am hoping at some point to be able to play the silver to gold ratio. If that doesn’t happen no big deal.

I have a self funded 401K and Roth IRA that I’ve been contributing to for decades now.

So my end goal would be to retire at 65 if that is still an option for healthcare. If not I might have to find healthcare myself with my 401K or Roth IRA for several years.

I will live within my means using my money from my 401K and Roth IRA. If that lasts me, then all of my stacking would be left to my daughter.

If I want to splurge on a vacation after retiring, I might sell something off to pay for it, but I don’t plan on it.

I have documented everything with full instructions on where everything is and what to do with it. My will and paperwork are safe.

So, what is your end game?


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This is a big question for everyone, looking at my side it's still early for me at 20's to decide my end game. But honestly my end game is to be financially stable means I will get 2-3 business established that will be point as physical assets for my children through my crypto stack.


We all have plans why we do so and most opinion I tell you will be to be financially stable which is the goal to maintain Financial stability and capability.


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This would take a lengthy post for me explain my End Game.
It's a fall back plan, since I didn't have a mega crypto score to have my Pirate ship built.

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Mine situation is remarkedly similar to yours... But my 'trade' is as a musician, which is significantly less practical!

Passing on to the next generation (or at least, not being a burden to...) is my main goal.


I think I'm at my endgame. I work more for fun than anything and I get to travel. I don't plan on retiring unless some health reason sneaks up on me. We're both about the same age incidentally. I'm glad to hear you're sticking to the end game plan. That's a great thing!


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Tryin to protect cash on hand from fiat inflation.. similar situation, no mortgages, self employed.. In Canada the government can apparently call an emergency over a protest and take money from people's bank accounts without a trial, so I only keep operating costs in the bank now to do business. Everything else goes to cash on hand, a crypto, real estate, business investments, and now silver to hedge from inflation.


Stacking and stacking while we still have purchasing power. We don’t have kids so it’s just us. We have also decided for the next 2-3 years to live like we broke and save 50% of Income to get ahead instead of 10% or 20%. We figure while prices down let’s sacrifice and just hangout here not spend money going out and loving it up. Bitcoin we buy daily along with Gold/Silver (split over some money for physical and some mining stocks) but we are going big on Bitcoin and I’m keeping all Hive earned and will buy more in a dip into twenties (cents) again.