2023 Gold Royal Tudor Beast Yale of Beaufort

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The Royal Mint launched this new series, The Royal Tudor Beasts, in 2022 to honor the legacy of the Tudor era. The Seymour Panther, The Lion of England, The Bull of Clarence, The Tudor Dragon, The Greyhound of Richmond, The Royal Dragon, The Yale of Beaufort, The Seymour Unicorn, The Queen's Panther, and The Queen's Lion are among the historical heraldic creatures honored in this collection of gold and silver proof and bullion coins.

2023 Gold Royal Tudor Beast Yale of Beaufort

Coin Highlights:

Contains 1/4 oz of .9999 fine Gold.

Obverse: Displays Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the face value of 25 pounds.

Reverse: Created by popular illustrator David Lawrence, the Yale of Beaufort, a peculiar creature with an antelope-like body, lion's tail and tusks of a boar.

Sovereign coin backed by the British government.

Source: Apmex

The Yale of Beaufort, a monster drawn from European legend, is featured in the second installment of this well-liked series. The Yale of Beaufort is a remarkable animal with lion's tail, boar's tusks, and an antelope-like body that would have astounded anyone visiting the Hampton Court Palace.

To symbolize Jane Seymour's power and influence as the king's new wife, The Yale of Beaufort is seen clutching her arms.

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