Sleeping through the Bloodbath!

"Sleeping through the bloodbath" is a phrase that can be often used to indicate someone not getting fazed by all the disaster happening…

A Champion's League Quarter Final Draw from Hell!

Oh boy! What a juicy bunch of fixtures we have at hand for this year's UEFA Champion's League Quarter Finals! Feels like some of these fixtu

The OGs of Phoenix Incantatem, You can rest now!

I started playing Rabona right from season 2, 21 seasons so far! Pretty long time....21 years in rabona minutes! I think it's pretty good…

Accessing CUBFinance from Phone, Bypassing Metamask entirely

Metamask is complicated for a beginner. Period! I didn't get into pancakeswap LPs because I found the whole metamask thing too…

Petting some CUBs and Understanding the Liquidity Pool mechanics!

What do you do once you've lost your virginity? Try out new positions of course! And that's exactly what I did too! Took my CUB earned…

Losing my DeFI Virginity to Cub Finance!

To pet the cubs or not to pet, that is NOT even the question anymore! You're on HIVE, you have to pet the cubs. Period! I have…

The Art of Losing Money!

Expecting more sarcasm from me here are we?! Sorry to disappoint you, but this is in fact a pretty serious post...lacking my typical…

There Are no Wise Old Men!

There are no wise young fellas either, not enough yet anyway. Source Recently I have been k

Market Mode : Absolute ShitFuckery 2.0

Right, there you go! That's it, that's the post. "Nice Post" comments are welcome. This was a draft made yesterday, and that really…

Elevating the HIVE/USD support zone and a Need for consolidation

The chart you see above has been pulled back from towards the end of last year. It's a 4 hour chart. What we see here are two long term…

Trade Mania : A Scalping Cookbook!

Scalping is traditionally defines as : a trading style that specializes in profiting off of small price changes. This generally occurs…

Bots in Blockchain Games : The sooner it is addressed the better for the Game Ecosystem

Botting is likely The single most controversial topic when it comes to blockchain games. And mostly in favor of botting are…

A look into the Trust Wallet Token

Recently I have shifted a lot of my extra time (which I don't have a lot of) towards learning to trade cryptocurrencies and doing a…

Creating a Trading Journal - Who's Keeping You Grounded!

Yesterday just before our weekly voice meeting Dada sent us this article that discusses the need for a Trading Journal and How to create…

Sideways Market, Boring!

These are not really trading journals or anything. I'm just keeping track of what I learn everyday regarding trading. Most of what I learn…

Social Media done Right!

I am not a big fan of social media. Haven't touched my facebook in ages and I am on the receiving end of a lot of sly abuse from friends…

HIVE Never Disappoints ;)

I have said multiple times previously, I'm a very bad trader. There are tons of suggestions and tips I try to read up on trading all over…

Rabona Financials : Does a 2250% ROI sound too good to be true?

This has been long, long overdue! Dada has been telling me for months to write about how much I "earn" from playing @rabona but time has…

#FinancialGoals2021 : Consolidate!

I'm usually not great at setting specific goals and working towards it. For example, if I ever set a goal of studying a specified number…

Rabona Financials : Phoenix Incantatem Moving into Positive Cashflow

I am into my 5th season of Rabona and I'm finally beginning to find my feet around the big boys in the League of Champions. That has a lot…