RE: Accessing CUBFinance from Phone, Bypassing Metamask entirely

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Hey there! Good day!

So LEO is not exactly a side chain, although I understand what you are trying to mean. To be precise leofinance is a second layer blogging platform/front end built on top of the HIVE Blockchain. LEO is the tribe token of Leofinance which is distributed in a similar fashion how hive is distributed - upvotes...only in this case it is for posts that were posted through the front-end instead of hive blog or posts posted from but has the leo tag used.

Your hive account and your leofinance account is basically the same thing and you can log into leofinance using your hive adress and keys.

But LEO team is working on a hive side chain I think...not live yet.

CUB Finance is an extension of the Leofinance project on the Binance Smart Chain.

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Alright. Got it. That makes sense. Thanks.