Share Our World: Duck Tour, Boston

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Sara Jarvie
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What is a Duck Tour you may ask? It is a tour in given in WWII amphibious DUKW vehicles which can go on land and water. So we drove throughout the city and into the Charles River on the tour.

It was hard taking pictures from the vehicle as most of the things we were seeing were pretty close to us.

Copley Square

Here is Trinity Church in the reflection of the 200 Clarendon Building. One with the Duck vehicle and one without.

Boston Public Library and New Old South Church. I blogged about both of them.

Beacon Hill

Houses on Beacon Street by the State House

Massachusetts State House I really like the Federalist architecture and gold dome.

Charles River

Now we turned into a boat. The tour guide ask for young people (under 18) to volunteer to drive. There were not many people that young on the tour so he opened it up to any one and I got to sit in the drivers seat. I grabbed the steering wheel and the driver swatted my hand. Just for show... I get it....and a picture.

It was a fun tour, not worth the $50 though. There are so many other great things to do in Boston that next time I will choose something else!

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