Splinterlands Delegation Report - #2 - 1525 Liquid Paid Out

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What an awesome payout this week, With 6100 liquid I was able to give huge returns to delegators and add some great numbers to the pool. I can't see all weeks like this but we can stake huge numbers if we do keep this up. Moving all my delegations up to 500 min to help me stop paying dust so everyone please check that and add or remove delegations.

SPT Delegation -
Total Liquid - 6100✅ Liquid Paid to Delegators - 1525✅ Liquid Powered Up - 1525✅ Liquid Sold For Swap.hive - 1220✅ Liquid Added To Swap Pool - 1220✅ Liquid Sold For Giveaways - 610 ✅

AccountDelegationWeekly PaymentTotal Payment-
nyinyiwin2750 SPT210.45115.4913.8%
arpuch2500 SPT190.6250.912.5%
skybuds-gaming4429 SPT335.5108.7522%
skylinebuds10186 SPT777.75420.551%
bilpcoinbpc126 SPTBelow Min For Payout
chuiiiiiiii470 SPTBelow Min For Payout18.852.6
nyimwa250 SPTBelow Min For Payout2.39

Delegation Min For Payout - 500

Effective SPT Power -

Pool Position -

This pool has been nice and stable over the week, I am liking that with 80 Days left of the pool. I am still no place close to the 0.1% of the pool I would like to hit.

New This Week -


This week we added 17.6 SPS and 79 PKM, this was a total of almost $4 added to the pool also making this the pool with the most value. I am hoping it stays stable and I can keep adding to it working towards 0.1%.

Tokens Added -


This Week Old -

Last Week -

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