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Well, it has been a couple of weeks since I had done a proper weekly update with the burn and weed given to the delegators so this will be an update and a plan for the future of the project.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7

You can see all the posts we curated this week, I am sure we had others that missed the list but I will try to add everything we for that day in the post so others can share some love.

When I started this I was out to burn weedcash and help the community with bigger votes. So we have burned quite a nice bit off weed. This has been helped with daily posts and daily curation.

I on avg have given at least 500 weed a week a burned atlest the same on avg. I am aiming to make this an even better curation project with rewards in other tokens we earn. I am thinking over time we may start some other delegations but for now, we are aiming to help the weedcash community burn some weed earn some tokens and give some good weedcash rewards out.

With today's post, I got the vote from a couple of people and mine included that I start giving out the 25% of the tribe tokens we earn to the weed delegators. This is going to include selling the other 25% of the liquid tokens to start building the weedcash liquid pool again. I took it out and burn and gave it to delegators as I was thinking we had no way to access it outside tribaldex much like the NFTs but this is wrong as we have @beeswap we can use.


Weedcash Delegation -

This will always come down to a vote from now on with changes, I am making this one last change with some support of delegators but from this change, we will do a vote for a week before changes are done to the reward program. 1 delegation means 1 vote doesn't matter the amount delegated.

so outside that Mombo jumbo, the plan from here out will be

30% liquid weedcash to delegators 30% Burned weekly
30% liquid Pool 10% giveaways

tribal tokens

25% liquid back to delegators
25% liquid sold for swap.hive

the other 50% will stay powered up to help with curation.

Tokens will not be sent till we have 1000 or $1, This makes it less chance at dust and well saves me time. Coins will be left in the wallet will that point.


liquid weedcash -

DelegatorAmountWeedcash WeeklyWeedcash Total

Weedcash delegation will be sent out on Wednesdays every week from now on, New changes coming with more rewards for delegations.

First weekly vote, Should we only focus on the weedcash liquid pool or should we aim for the highest APR and chance rewards?

Vote 1

Weedcash/swap.hive pool 100%

weedcash/swap.hive pool 50% and 50% higher apr pool

weedcash/swap.hive 25% / 25% in to other pools

Vote 2

Sell tribe tokens for swap.hive and send that

Keep tribe tokens how they are

I will leave these in comments and you can leave a small vote or comment with yes on the one you would like. Changes come into effect in 1 week.

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