Splinterlands Strategies: Reward Cards..., Overprinted?

It's been a while since I wrote a Splinterlands article. The truth

Python Libraries: Expanding the Functions

Apologies but this will be too heavy for most readers. For Python coders, it may be semi-legible. I recently wrote a couple of functions…

Vote for Hive in the Sourceforge "Best Decentralized Social Media Networks" contest

Hive is the result of a lot of hard work and passion. I love what Hive has become despite the way we had to get here. In the two years…

Visiting the nextdoor neighbour. Wales

So the semi on the right it is then. Unlike the more hospitable neighbour, this was far more difficult to get into. See that green door…

The long walk to the long house, Wales.

All snaps are from March this year, the story starts by bouncing around, stick with me!! So I was back in the area, I thought why…

Python Libraries: Sending an Argument via the Command Line

The Random Voter script is still being developed and now sends random votes to over 200 different accounts. If you want to be considered…

Splinterlands Strategies: Earn While You Sleep

Just over a week ago, I detailed how using $27 I would [guarantee](

Splinterlands Strategies: A Daily Return for just $27?

“How about you give me £20 and I’ll invest it into something that will give you a daily return?” @bingbabe was buying those stupid…

Splinterlands Strategies: Opportunities to Sneak

Snagging myself a brand new Waka Spiritblade a couple of days ago got me thinking. To use this summoner to its best effect, I need a…

Splinterlands Strategies: Buy Summoners before it's Too Late!

For the past few weeks, I have been buying Summoners off the ' used ' market. When I say ' Summoners ' I mean the affordable types…

Splinterlands Strategies: Splinterlands is in a Short-Term Lull

Do you feel it? Chaos Legion has come, we have split our packs, done the combines and are playing with the new cards. So what’s next…

Splinterlands Strategies: Building a Silver League Deck with the Edge!

I have that itch to play again. Listening to the likes of @tarazkp and @azircon chatting about tactics does that to me. It’s all well…

Python Libraries: The Random Splash Voter

Following on from the The [email protected] Pro-Active and Reactive Counter Tool , I wanted to write something a little more positive…

The [email protected] Pro-Active and Reactive Counter Tool

This post is a long time coming. For weeks now I have been writing and honing an anti-parasite script designed to piss off a certain…

Splinterlands Strategies: Rent 100% or Play?

... 'Should I continue to rent or should I play?' ... The question has been in my head since Chaos Legion was released a short while…

The Slow Death Of Steem/Steemit

So I read that Justin Sun is basically bailing on the Tron foundation, things aren't looking good for Steem. Part of the purported value…

CryptoGames: A Primer for Collectors and Investors

This primer is brought to you by The CryptoGaming Guild. We hope you find it helpful. CryptoGaming, also known

Splinterlands Scammers: A True Personal Account of an Attempted Scam

I have been having some issues with Splinterlands lately, one such problem was transferring DEC from the game into hive.engine. A…

Splinterlands Strategies: Mini-Tanks

One thing I notice when playing a match with limited mana and I mean 12 or 13 is how many players don't attempt to fill their ranks. You…

What makes Dungeons NFT special?

What makes Dungeons NFT special? About Dungeons NFT Dungeons NFT is a randomised generative dungeon stored on the Ethereum blockchain.…