Splinterlands Strategies: Who’s going to buy all the Grain?

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I kept posing the question: “Who’s going to buy all the Grain?”. I asked a few other large landholders, I posted the question in the Splinterlands Mavericks forum.

Everyone was so stoked for land; they were looking at the Emperor's New Clothes and little else.

Nobody was responding; there was no plausible answer.

Some of us have tracts, others have regions. That's a lot of grain output and a hefty requirement in terms of DEC and Monsters to produce it, and for what?

image.png ...**'Natural Land is good for nothing besides Grain..., for now. Jungle Creepers, or Lake Weed.., yummy'...*

Like me, everyone is thinking, ‘I can become self-sufficient; I don’t need to buy any Grain after the first few days as harvesting my own will suffice’.

So then there is a huge glut of grain, with nobody buying and the value falling off the edge of a cliff. People will get despondent and start complaining about the lack of income. It's always about the return and bollocks to the teething problems.

image.png ...'Harvesting your Shard Mine gives you SPS, but those workers digging away and saying BOOO..., to those Monsters intent on not letting you near that tasty SPS need food. It costs and they are hungry bastards'...

This IS going to happen; it’s plain as daylight to me and after playing around on the Mavericks server with two regular Grain farms, one Shard Mine and one Research Hut I find there’s just enough Grain to feed the latter two (which don’t produce Grain).

Let’s go forward to the real world. There’s going to be far more Grain farms than Shard Mines, or Research Huts. Too much Grain will be a problem…, for now.

What should we do with it? Sell for peanuts, hoard it, and pray that it turns into real grain so it can feed the world and replace Ukraine's blockaded exports.

While option three would be fantastic and completely piss off Vladimir, it’s not going to happen.

image.png ...'running a Grain farm does produce a decent yield, but it's workers appear extra ravenous. Take taxes off and you might get half of what you produce'...

What am I going to do with all my excess Grain? I have a total of 69 plots and that number happened by accident and not because I have a particular fondness for that position.

I can see just what’s going on in your head now , let’s get back to Splinterlands eh…?

In the short term there could be some great deals, so look out for them. Everyone wants things to happen NOW and if it doesn’t happen, they get very pissed off and some may even sell out.

Splinterlands is in the doldrums, I think we can all agree on that, and Land was supposed to be its saviour. Maybe it is, but it's going to take time and all you impatient bastards are not going to see instant redemption.

The whole point of Land originally was to add a second phase before battles commenced. Then the player would add a buff to try and swing the battle ensuring a victory.

image.png ...'Research Huts don't give out large numbers and we still don't know what research tokens will give us. Note the Grain requirements to harvest'...

As far as I am aware that vision is still the intent of the Splinterlands team. They also mentioned other resources, up to 40 or so. That’s a lot of tokens BESIDES Grain which is the first of many.

I envisage more types of resources to come soon to Land, which means all your Grain farms, will no longer be producing Grain but something else, unless you don't switch them.

Those workers mining 'Stone' will still need to be fed and they will want to eat Grain, or maybe 'Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese with cherries on top' if that’s a future resource.

Unless you want to dedicate yourself to being a pure farmer, not in the literal sense but practically, and want to produce JUST Grain, then I can see many options becoming available.

Everyone is so impatient, and they are working their arses off. We are coming close to seeing the first steps of Land, and having played around with it, I want my REAL plots to become useful. If you haven’t had a play, then take it from me it’s cool but limited (for now).

image.png ...'if you are lucky enough to own a Keep then expect your 'office workers' or 'tax collectors' to be something akin to a pack of ravenous wolves. 6,000 Grain to collect that meagre booty?'...

I have many Lakes, do you really think they are conducive for Grain farming? I may be one of the future 'Grain Buyers' unless my many Jungle plots can create it efficiently.

I am going to HORDE my Grain and if you have any sense and are in Land for the long haul I would suggest you do the same.

Once your Deserts and Tundra's have more meaningful resources to farm, you are going to need that stockpile of resources for those poor monsters out there in hostile territory digging up things for you, the master and overlord of your virtual real-estate empire.

Unless you want to feed your Djinn Renova with a little crunchy Sand, or a mouthwatering slice of dry ice?

Disclaimer:* This is how I see Land unfolding. It is my opinion. You can completely disregard my hypothesis if you choose.


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