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Source: Copied from paywalled source for open reading and sharing. All tokens will be burned. I have news from the world of…

Because The Other Chain Isn't Working

I sadly to take some sort of pride in what I post on here and do not shit post as often as I should because fuckit who cares right? No…

The 31 Sentence Contest: Round 14

source Welcome. You have stumbled upon a new adventure. One that will challenge you to grow; one that is filled with twists an

From scratch to GFL #1 "The beginning to a grindful journey"

Hello today I am starting with a new series on my new community that I have made called the "From scratch" community #hive-136473 I will…

Freewrite: What Constitutes Effort on STEEM?

This Photo From Atop Mt. Kilimanjaro Of A Glacier And Mt. Meru Took Me Months Of Training, and Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars For Me To…

The Steem Life: Terms you should know

The Steem Life is a series of articles that highlight my journey so far and hopefully motivate others. Previous Episodes: Welcome…

Driving Yourself Further Into Debt

Hey Jessdrivers I'm often amazed at people not having the ability to realise a for-profit industry like the private automotive industry…

CAT Progress and Funding Report

CAT Progress Report #3 Transparent Funding and Development   While it'

The Real Estate Market Is A Violation Of Human Rights

Hey Jesstorians So there was a time not too long ago when humans were born on this planet, and they could live where you were born. Just…


▶️ Watch on 3Speak In this video, I talk about some reasons why newbies find it difficult to adjust to Steem blockchai

Bilpcoin Meme Contest Entry

Hey Steemians, Found a cool meme contest and just had to enter. I mean they don't call me mimismartypants for nothing. If you keen to…

The Death of a STEEM clone // Whaleshares

These last few days ive been looking at what has happened to Whaleshares and at their incoming HF4. For those of you who are new here…

Hoarding Capital Done Right

Hey Jessenomics professors The internet has opened us up to a global community with cross border opportunities and achieving scale like…