Me and a friend have a Bitcoin bet going

13 days ago
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I wanted to bet @whangster79 that BTC is going to break 20k before the end of this year. But he agrees with me so I couldn't wager anything with him those terms.

The chart above is 1 month of BTC prices.

So we decided to bet by the price on January 1st 2021 what the price will be.

My pick was 25k, as I think BTC may cross 20k within a few weeks or even sooner. When that happens I expect FOMO bringing us up around 5k at least.

@whangster79 thinks we are going to cross 20k as well but then have a major correction back to the 15k range by the 1st of next year.

The wager for this bet is the loser pays for the winners lunch. Nothing fancy probably just some good Mexican food.


As of today the price of bitcoin is $18,234

We still have about five weeks to see how all this plays out, should be interesting regardless of direction. With the block reward halving already changing volumes I think it's very possible we will see another bullish trend.

what do you think the price of BTC will be by the 1st of January 2021?