HIVE business directory entry by Solymi- rent a vintage POLAROID camera for a weekend in Vienna Austria

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Hello fellow hivers. This is my entry to the initiative which is called the HIVE business directory or H.B.D. for short. This is an example for a service which you can spend your HBD on. Read the announcement post HERE

Any real life service you can provide can be listed in the HIVE business directory for a one time payment of 0.1 HBD this price is for 1 service at a time.

Each service has to be listed individually but you can list as many services as you want. The only rule is that it has to be a local service and you can't promote your online business with it. Seriously no link to your splashpage no link to an online service! I will not list your webshop or affiliate link!

If you want to promote your webshop or online services you can find great tools for that already built on the HIVE blockchain. Just like LISTNERDS or HIVELIST.STORE

How to format your post:

Since I will do every listing manually into an index just like the one you can find in the stock images community, there has to be certain rules you got to follow.


your post title should contain HIVE BUSINESS DIRECTORY ENTRY by {yourusername} – the service you provide just as the title of this post.

For example: "HIVE business directory entry by (yourusername) – I cut your hair in Kairo Egypt" or "HIVE business directory entry by (yourusername) – Eat anything from our daily menu and pay in HBD! LA California"


This is obvious since you are providing a real life service to other hivers that want to spend their HBD they will have to know where they can get this service. In my case the location is VIENNA AUSTRIA
Note that I do not give you my address here and you also do not have to do this. You can always tell your customers later which brings us to the next point.


you can reach me by commenting on this post or you can always jump to discord and drop me a dm solymi#2979


describe your offer! In my case this looks like this.

Rent a POLAROID CAMERA for 2 days. If you are in VIENNA and want to take some cool polaroids you can send to your aunt or put on your fridge you can rent one of my many cameras and take them on your photo walk.
Contact me via discord and I will let you know where we can meet up and I hand you the POLAROID camera after you made your payment. The PRICE is 33 HBD for 2 days and 7 HBD for every additional day. Since you are renting an object that has not only monetary value but also is a collectors item you will have to make a security deposit of 99 HBD that will be sent back to you after you returned the camera.
NOTE: Polaroid films are not included in the price, if you need assistance buying the film packs I can point you to some cool shops where you can buy them. Alternatively you can also order them on amazon by clicking on this LINK
If you want me to provide you with the film packs, we can always negotiate that on discord. I will buy the film and charge you the price in HBD.


that is self explanatory make a nice pic for your service so people see what they are up to. Polaroid CAMERA


I already put that in the description but it would be cool to have that as an extra data in a separate line as well.

Price for 2 days 33 HBD
Each additional day 7 HBD
Security deposit 99 HBD will be paid back if you return the camera in one piece.

Film packs are not included but can be bought in local shops or I can buy them and you pay that as an extra cost in HBD the exchange rate will be € to HBD on the day of purchase.

- TAG @hivebusiness and @solymi

Include the following sentence somewhere in your post:
This is my entry to the HIVE BUSINESS DIRECTORY @hivebusiness a service provided by @solymi
My service is a real life service and I will comply with my local laws and tax regulations. Neither @hivebusiness nor @solymi will be held accountable for any wrong doing on my behalf.
I am aware that all data I provide in this post will be visible forever on the hive blockchain. I am aware that a link to this post will be visible on and if I want it deleted I will have to contact solymi to do it.
The listing price of 0.1HBD has been sent to @hivebusiness and I included a link to this post in the memo. The transaction can be seen HERE ( add a link to the transaction on the hive blockchain)

How much does the listing cost and what does the service contain?

Your listing will be put in to the HIVE BUSINESS DIRECTORY INDEX post (link coming soon) and there will be a direct link to your listing entry post on my website

The listing price of 0.1 HBD has to be paid to @hivebusiness include the link to your listing entry post in the memo.

WEN will my post be visible in the business directory?

Since all listings are reviewed and added manually it will take a while until it will be listed. You can always reach out to me in discord and you have to ping me in your entry post as well. Please be patient I live in the CET so if you send your post in the middle of the night I will only see it when I am awake!

NOTE this is an experiment to make a world wide directory of businesses and services provided by hive users. If I see that your service does not fit in the real life service category I will not list it and I will keep your 0.1 HBD as a token of appreciation. You can also call it I fucked with solymi's time tax.


Thanks for reading and I really hope we can get this ball rolling the more people sign up the better!

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