My 2023 Leo Goals - Roadmap of a lion

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Setting Goals for ourselves is the first step of reaching them. That sounds very wise but I am not. I am just an ape buying tokens. Hopium is my second name.


Non of this blogposts contents are in any form financial advice! This is not an invitation to buy any of the assets mentioned in the blogpost. I am not a financial expert. Please do your own research before investing. When making an investment of any type you can lose 100% of your invested assets! Never invest what you can not afford to lose! This post is my personal opinion and is for recreational purposes only.

15k LEO POWER my friend!.png img source: screenshot from a trailer on IMDB the video can be found here: Trailer Glass Onion timestamp: 00:50

Did you know that in the movie "Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery" Duke Cody played by Dave Bautista wears a tanktop that is really close to the Leofinance Logo? Even his mobile phone case has the same lion head. But let's not get sidetracked! We are talking about the contest!

My leogoals for 2023

This post is all about my goals for LEO power on Leofinance.io. The contest has big prizes to be won and lasts all over 2023! To find out all the rules go and read in this post by @leogrowth

My LEO Goals for 2023 | Join in!

I will follow those rules step by step numbering them from 1-5

There are some additional terms depending on your current LEO power so make sure to check those out in the original post of leogrowth.

imdbscreenshot.png img source: screenshot from a trailer on IMDB the video can be found here: Trailer Glass Onion timestamp: 01:07

1. Set a Leo Power goal for 2023.

Well Currently I have a little under 4k LEO power. According to the rules I have to at least double that bag by the end of 2023. This is a nice challenge, but I have a little more ambitious goals. I want to become a lion, meaning I have to reach 15k LP by end of next year.

Goal: 15k+ Leo power

2. Set smaller monthly goals. Take into account post rewards, LPUDs, curation and market buys.

  1. Create a strategy to achieve your monthly goals.
  2. Have rainy season strategy and have answers to possible setbacks and obstacles.
  3. Have a list of to-do things that will help you achieve your short term goals - post 10 times a month, not allow your LeoPower to reach 100%, buy X $leo for LPUD every month, use HBD rewards to grow your stack, and things like that.

To reach my goal I will need to power up about 1k LEO per month. I will see how much I can make by creating content and the rest I will be buying off the market. I do not really have a lot of time to curate actively. I have a delegation of LEO power to the Oneup Cartel and they pay me in LEO each day. I will probably update this delegation as we go forward and grow it so it pays a higer daily reward. But I will try to focus a bit of my time to read and curate content on Leofinance, after all this is something that rewards others and grows my Leo power at the same time.

I will be taking part on each LEO power up day and create a post for each of them. I will also do a monthly update on my Leo Goals and other HIVE related goals that I want to reach. Through several passive income streams on chain I will be able to have enough cashflow to buy the missing LEO.

I will regularly use threads and try to promote my content with an aggressive twitter and web2 marketing strategy. I will post about my efforts on promoting my content.

My income from HIVE play to earn games will also be part of my power up plan. For this I will have to get a big picture of my gaming income. This is a possible post I can make on Leofinance and also earn HIVE and HBD and SPT in the process.

I will come up with a content creation strategy and will kepp you updateg on this too.

If the cashflow for some reason should stop (highly unlikely) I will be creating more quality content on Leofinance. Also on other HIVE frontends I will be putting out a higher amount of content, with a sharp focus on quality.
The main reason I don't post every day is that I do not have the time to do so and I also want to create content that somehow matters, not only to me but others as well. But should my work life not work out as I want it to I will have more time to create online content.

This is how I plan to reach lion status. I hope you liked the post and I hope I could inspire some other hiveans to also challenge themselves.

How to participate in the LEO goals contest?

If you also would like to take part in this challenge for 2023 make sure to check out the original post by leogrowth!

My LEO Goals for 2023 | Join in!
  • Make a post about "My Leo Goals for 2023"
  • Go into as much detail as possible on how you are planning to achieve your 2023 goal. Describe your strategies, get into networking, making in-hive relations, participate in Leo and Leo-related contests, how much of your HBD rewards you are using to buy $Leo etc. Include what discord role (and benefits they carry) you want to reach and why. Talk about why these goals are important for you and why you believe Leo Finance is a good investment - or why are you investing in $leo. You must publish this post before 2023 begins. Use the tag #myleogoals for the post. Share your post with a description (not just the link) on #threads.

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