Where will HIVE go? Where will crypto go?

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Hello leo financers!
Today I took some FIAT and tossed it towards buying HIVE. I did this because I will try to DCA my HIVE power and grow my account. Also I spent 34 cents per HIVE, that is cheap, has not been cheaper for a while now. Will it go up or down? We don't know what the crypto market will do. There is defiantly a lot of people hurt buy this extreme dip we took. Basically I am back to where I started from last year and I did not take too many profits on the way. I bought HIVE in 2021 at 30 cents 60 cents 80 cents. But that does not matter. Most of it has been swapped in second layer tokens and it has been doing some incredible work.

DISCLAIMER: This is purely my own thaughts on cryptocurrencies and HIVE in particular. Non of this should be taken as financial advice. Do your own research! Cryptos are highly volatile assets and you could lose a lot of money! Only invest what you can afford to lose!

What to do with your HIVE? Use it!

My EDSM and LENM are mining me 2 tokens that I can trade HODL or provide liquidity with. I bought them with HIVE I bought these when HIVE was at 30 cents. So I am still in slight profit, but the key that these assets give you regular drips of crypto! EDS tokens will send you a little liquid HIVE every monday, like clockwork. I usually just power it up.

Today I added some HIVE to my wallet. 1427 and here is what I did:

  • I bought 48 packs for the Rising Star game. They offer 24 Packs for 100 HIVE
    3 days ago I would have paid 50 cents per HIVE and the purchase would have been a 50$ purchase Now I got 48 packs for 68$ in value. That is a huge discount and I always wanted to be a bigger fish in that game. Of course I could have bought individual cards but that takes away the fun. Fun is an important factor for all human beings! It is a ton of fun to open 48 packs of Rising Star cards! Try to have fun! We are in a bear market so make the best of it and have fun. FUD will only bring you down!

  • I bought DEC since it went under peg and it gives me SPS airdrop points if it returns to peg I already make a profit with that. And SPS earnings cary on as well that staked earns me VOUCHERS. If DEC returns to peg I made 20% profit on that trade. if not I can still use the DEC I bought and get those Chaos Legion card packs for 4000 DEC each. The SPS airdrop is ending soon so the more I can get from there the better. After the airdrop ends I will probably hold on to my DEC. I kinda suspect that DEC will be much needed for land :)

  • I powered up 500 HP. It is always a good decision to stake more HIVE and give yourself a bigger influence on the platform.

  • I am still sitting on 223 HIVE that I am keeping liquid for now while I try to decide what to do

Using your HIVE instead of HODLING is the better option. Of course now everything is more expensive in HIVE terms because your HIVE is worth less. Many of the second layer tokens on HIVE engine have not changed their price in HIVE.

This gives an excellent opportunity to get yourself some cheap HIVE and make use of it immediately. 32% DISCOUNT on 48 card packs for example. But if you have a look at miner tokens like EDSM UTOPIS LEOM etc you will see that their price is still depicted in HIVE. Have the prices of the tokens been adjusted by the market?

I am checking a few tokens while writing this post, and let us just take a look at LEOM

LEO miner token
Source: Leodex.io

LEOM will mine you a few LEO if you get lucky and win in the mining lottery. Each miner token will give you a chance to win in the hourly lottery.

You can see the last price for a LEOM was 5 HIVE at todays prices that is a 1,80 in USD value. So if you bought your HIVE today you are spending 1,80 in value that is valued 5 HIVE on the hive engine decentralized exchanges.

Let us have a look at leofinances very own main token: LEO

The chart shows that it has been trading for approx 0.15-0.18 in the past few weeks regardless of hives price. Meaning today I can get more LEO for my HIVE that has cost me less. And there is a #LPUD coming up tomorrow!
I think part of my rest of HIVE can go towards LEO.

For that I have to get my liquid HIVE from the main chain to hive engine and the cheapest way to do this is Hivepay.io by the CTP crowd. The fee is a super flat 0.2% fee for swapping to Swap.HIVE but liquidity is low so you can not move a lot of HIVE at a time.
swapping hive to swap.hive on hivepay.io
image source: hivepay.io you could go on and get your swap.hive to liquid hive in a bigger transaction.

Now lets get those sweet LEO tokens!

buy order set on leodex.io

I set the buy order at 0.1535 and want 650 LEO for that. Let's see if this order gets filled. in the next 10 hours. If not I will probably just do a swap in a dieselpool.

swap.hive leo pool on tribaldex.com
image source tribaldex.com

that would be at 0.155 swap.hive per LEO which is a slightly higher price but the order is instant. But if I want to swap I can swap tomorrow as well. I already have my minimum of 200 LEO in my wallet and ready for #LPUD tomorrow.

I have a post coming out at midnight CET all about the LEO Power Up Day, so stay tuned and hit that follow button!

Now I still have 123 HIVE in liquid form and while I decide what to do it will stay as it is. I also have a small conversion going on that I started not so long ago. And this months HBD ineterest will be withdrawn and put into HIVE as long as HIVE is sub 60 cents and probably even 80 cents.
This could take years, or month... who knows.

One thing is completely sure we will move from left to right on the chart. 100% and it will be either going up or down or sideways...

It is a bear market and it could get worse

Maybe we bottomed out? Maybe not. We simply can not say. My strategy is that I still have some FIAT to move in should the price go further down. For me this is a way to start over and diversify and strengthen my portfolio.

Meanwhile short term goals are that I want to increase my LEO power to 5k minimum by the end of the year. My HIVE power should also reach 3500 HP at least and about 1500 HBD by end of year.

I will continue to participate in LPUD as much as I can. Using the extra incentive as leverage. I just hope I can snatch one of those delegations.

Bear markets are for building. And that is what I am doing now.

Look for opportunities if you still have gun powder to invest. If not it, is not a shame sit tight and wait. Just keep at it, comment, engage and post on LEO finance and you can get there if you put in the effort!

Be safe and do not invest what you can not afford to loose!

So we saved quite a bit of money by just using HIVE within the HIVE ecosystem. You can simply buy hive and use it instantly for purchases that would have cost you a lot more before.

DYOR and click on all my affiliate links so I can make more FIAT to toss them into Crypto! LFG! WAGMI! Peace!

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That is an interesting play, thank you for sharing :) I was just on HE thinking about what to do with the tokens there. And yes, the LPUD is coming indeed.

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Really good strategies you got there. It's really hard to time the bottom so I'm also DCAing the way down. HIVE mainly and gonna add some LEO too perhaps.

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Interesting moves.

Speaking of LPUD, it’s horrible to even want to sell Leo at these prices plus it’s high time I powered up so powering up all the way.

I’m also looking forward to seeing prices at $0.2 hive before I start buying. My buying is going to be funded by hbd savings returns. Sweet stuff☺️

Wish you all the best with your plans fren💪🏻

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Regardless of how hive and leo etc goes, I will still find ways to increase my holding to these coins that I believe in.