SPI-RABONA Team Challenge - we have a winner - but it wasn´t cheap

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Hello SPI members, LEO community and RABONA fans,
we have a winner for our first bet. It is @jk6276 with his SPI LEO Lions, who needed the least number of seasons to get to League 1. This promotion is coming with a cost, as the LEO Lions are the most cash-burning team in our little league. Again they operated on a loss of more than 2 million RBN. The SPI Sharks not only survived in League on (where they get promoted last season but with more total seasons played) but operated on a huge profit of more than 1,8 million RBN. @alexvan really has found a successful strategy for this game. Eddies Eagles, as well as Dynamo Dresden, survived in League 2 with a profit and spicity still is in League 3 losing 734K RBN for the last season. Here are the statistics.

Teamaccountplayed bystartedtotal IncomeResultHIVE earned
SPI Sharks@spi.rabona@alexvanSeason 142.488.352 RBN1.848.216 RBN-100
Eddies Eagles@eddie-earner@silverstackerukSeason 161.514.441 RBN549.434 RBN-100
Dynamo Dresden@spi-contests@no-adviceSeason 141.930.788 RBN95.353 RBN-100
spicity@steemcity@shitsignalsSeason 15739.644-734.930 RBN-100
SPI LEO Lions FC@spinvest-leo@jk6276Season 161.817.017 RBN-2.339.377 RBN-100

Overall Winner is: Least number of seasons to break-even investment (100 HIVE) after reaching League 1.

SPI LEO Lions got promoted to League 1 with the least number of seasons

The Pot of 140 PAL is shared between @silverstackeruk (66% 92.4 PAL) and @no-advice (33% 46.2 PAL).

Which Club will first (least number of Seasons) be promoted to League 1?
TeamBetting sharesPot size
100 PAL
Eddies Eagles0 shares0
Dynamo Dresden1 @no-advice (100%)10 PAL
spicity0 shares0
SPI LEO Lions FC2 @silverstackeruk (66%); 1 @no-advice (33%)30 PAL
SPI Sharks0 shares0
Total POT size140 PAL

The statistics below give you an overview of the strategy of the teams.


SPI LEO Lions FC1623746,284180122283067%964020397,2236,497,134
Eddies Eagles1622531,105180104433357%882744331,1704,759,263
Dynamo Dresden1227542,033240139604157%991000738,85310,473,649
SPI Sharks112171698240134644255%9510003112,6371,527,189

Image by @mariosfame

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