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Hey everyone, @jk6276 here to take a look at how @spinvest-leo's investments are tracking. Long time SPI people would know that I used to do these posts weekly, but all the relevant info is contained in @spinvest's overall weekly update posts so my posts were fairly redundant. This post won't really be a numbers post as such, more a strategy and big picture look at where we are at and goals ahead.


As you may know, I have stepped back from regularly producing content, and @no-advice has stepped yup to the plate to provide some regular content on this account. I am hugely appreciative of his efforts, there is only a few people in SPI that step up to the plate to help contribute to the funds growth, and @no-advice has been fantastic for helping both this account and the main Spinvest account keep a flow of content (and thus content rewards) coming in.

LEO power/curation.

We just hit 18,000 LEO power this week, and our curation returns are very stable at around 7 - 9 LEO per day. This is a nice, steady earner and predictable into the future. I have not made any changes to the autovoter for a long time, it is something I have planned to do for a while but not gotten around to. I have a few weeks holiday from work now, so I'll probably look more at this. It won't change curation income, but I just want to ensure our votes are still going to the right people.

Goal - slowly build to 20,000 LEO Power, should bring in around 10 LEO per day.

Liquidity Pool.

Slowly, I have been building up our position in the WLEO/ETH LP. It has slowed down our LEO Power growth, as I have retained most earnings liquid to put into the LP. Initially, I was adding weekly to the pool, but this was a faulty plan as Ethereum GAS fees were eating into the transactions too much. Now, I am depositing once a month, to add to the position, after each Geyser payout. Whenever I make significant transactions on this account, I have been updating in the Spinvest discord for transparency and to keep everyone up to date. It is highly likely that I will use the upcoming micro-blogging platform from LEO - #Projectblank to do these updates there instead (or as-well).

Anyway, our latest Geyser payout was 42.128 LEO. You can find us in the Geyser report listed with the wallet address 0x9744dF35394B77860337d4b17a844B87EF341e83. You will notice that our Geyser payout is at a lower APR than many - being 13.44% compared to many earning 19.18%. This is just how the geyser works, we didn't enter in the first few days, and are slowly adding to the position over time. Those with the highest APR would have joined on day 1, and left it alone since.

spinvest lp.png

Here is our current LP position, with this data sourced from the very useful APY.vision website The "long story short" of it all is:

  • We have Gained a little LEO + 78.13 WLEO.
  • We have "lost" a little ETH - 0.029 ETH.
  • Position now is 2600 WLEO and 1.013 ETH.
  • Value of our investment has doubled (well nearly, but close enough)

I think those stats speak for themselves really.

Airdrops and such.

As everyone on LeoFinance knows, airdrops are incoming at some stage soon. One for #projectblank, and one for #LEOGOV. Both will be put to use by @spinvest-leo to continue our growth. Once we see how these will work, and what will work for Spinvest, we will put our strategy in place. Not too much more to say here, I do plan on being a bit more active from this account mainly on the micro-blogging site when it lands.

Other investments?

Not too much new is planned for this account for now. I'd like to keep building up the WLEO/ETH LP over time, and then add into other WLEO pools that happen in the future. A big, interesting thing will come when LeoFinance launches its LEOFI project down the track. This could give us a chance to lightly leverage some of our LP position to build other assets/income streams. It is a wait and see proposition for this also, but I'll be keeping a close eye out for this to see how Spinvest can use these new options to boost income.

Once the #projectblank launches, I will not be surprised if it's token gets wrapped also and added to LP's. This is pure speculation on my part, but I think likely in time. If that does happen, we will be there, hopefully in a significant way.

If you read all this congratulations, and thank you.


@jk6276 for @spinvest-leo.

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