Spinvest-leo weekly update post 17-July-22

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Welcome to the weekly update post for @spinvest-leo, where I (@jk6276) record on chain for transparency our transactions for the week, and update @spinvest investors with our progress.


This report covers two weeks, as I had some family matters to attend to and missed last weeks reporting completely. This will also be brief, as I am off to work soon.

EMP Money.

  • Farmed 0.10133 ESHARE (worth $38)

  • Swapped half to bleo - received 278 (value $18)

  • Traded the rest to BNB to cover TX fees - no compounding this week.

emp 17jul22.png

For some reason, the pools showed up weird on Debank, but they are counted at least.

Asset value this week:

  • ETH/EMP - $1243 (up $266 from 2 weeks ago)
  • BNB/ESHARE - $343 (up $23 from 2 weeks ago)

CUB Finance.

  • Farmed 1129 CUB (worth $26)

  • Swapped half to bleo - received 190 (worth $12)

  • Compounded the rest into LP.

cub 17jul22.png

Asset values this week:

  • BLEO/BNB - $2146 (up $279 from 2 weeks ago)
  • DEC/BUSD - $931 (down $44)
  • CUB/BUSD - $386 (down $48)
  • CUB kingdom - $233 (down $83)


  • Farmed 1382.375 SPS and 5.263 Vouchers from drop and staking.
  • Staked 900 (a bit more than half, but I have a goal of 10K and airdrop ends soon).
  • Traded vouchers for more SPS.
  • Sent a total of 520.974 SPS to spinvest for dividends (value $26)

sps 17jul22.png

Asset value this week:

  • SPS staked $446 (up $44 over the last 2 weeks)


poly 17jul22.png

Asset value this week:

  • xPOLYCUB - $432 (up $39)


Sent 3.9 HBD and 62 LEO to spinvest from post payouts - Value $8

hive 17jul22.png

Asset value this week:

Hive power - $137 (down $2 from 2 weeks ago)


Asset value this week: $6297
Change from 2 weeks ago: Up $474

Funds sent for dividends: $56

Funds sent from post payouts: $8

That's it for this week, out of time. I'll be back next week, provided all is good IRL.



p.s. I just realized what I did wrong with the ETH/EMP pool. Accidentally unstaked it. Values are all correct, and I fixed the mistake.

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