A Closer look at WEED

10 days ago
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Hi @spinvest readers,

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Today we are taking a closer look at the WEED token which can be earned via weedcash.network.

The Weedcash Network has a four day payout window. It has an easily usable interface, and a steady stream of content which covers pretty girls, joint rolling classes, pictures of some indoor and outdoor mary and videos of @davedickeyyall Blowing Trees.

The token itself recently had a mini bull run which took the coin from 0.0420HIVE on Oct 3 to 0.2HIVE on October 18. The price today is 0.139HIVE.

Screenshot 20201116 at 11.42.24 PM.png

They have a live working store !!

@daltano reviewed the store last week and included a nice video with some cool music at the beginning.

If you have WEED you can spend it at: weedcash.store

Thanks to his video I know I can buy some weed looking not-weed, t-shirts and other Pot Paraphernalia.

One of the things he showed off was a weedcash network shirt, which had the HIVE logo in the back.

The store was set up by @thatlogicaldude, and seems to be working in great shape.

It really made me want to write weed related content, so I could earn enough WEED to buy stuff.

WEEDCASH is a niche specific blogging network, where you can buy goods with your rewards. They are also great at networking, as players of STEEMCITY can earn WEED by owning WEED STORES (I own a few myself)

How about you, are you invested in WEED?

If so, what is your favorite aspect of the community?