RE: Spinvest-Leo weekly update post - 19 Nov 22

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Its a shame about EMP, I almost put some funds into it for SPI when it was around 0.8, glad I never bothered.

Cool to see you getting some GLX tokens, shitsignals was saying to me that the APY for staking was insane atm, hopefully, that will turn a quick tidy profit and put you into an almost freerolling position.

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We have some good growth drivers set up now.

  • The SPS/BNB pool will grow steadily thanks to the EMP generator win and claiming twice a week.
  • This will build the SPS farming rewards.
  • Staking 50% of SPS income will grow the position + build a nice GLX position over time thanks to the 12 month airdrop.
  • 50% of SPS income + 50% GLX income will grow over time to boost dividends.

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