SPinvest has funded it's 1st HIVE tribe - check out #MusicforLife

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SPinvest is a tokenized investment fund/club experiment open to all HIVE users. The concept of SPinvest is to get rich slowly by using time tested methods of earning, saving and compounding long term. We encourage long term investing on and off the blockchain. We hope someday everyone will HODL some SPI tokens that can be bought directly from hive-engine by search SPI.
SPinvest has a proven history of success

We funded our 1st tribe!!


For those that stay updated with SPinvest, you will be aware that we put out a post a few weeks advertising that we will now fund tribes. We got a few bites, some ok, some terrible but we got 1 that has legs and 100% deserving of funding. I have not spoke about what sort of tribe it was as I preferred we had a done deal before announcing it. So, now we have a done deal.

Here's a link to the frontend of the newest tribe on hive-engine, Musicforlife


Why this tribe?

There are many reasons, the presentation I received was very well written. It provided me with all the details I needed to know including, history, vision, how they will grow the tribe and which resources they already had in place. The tokenomics of the VIBES token is well thought out and was well detailed. After speaking with @al-gaming, the founder of the tribe on DM's for a while I soon realised he did not require anything but money from SPinvest. This is perfect for us as funding vs funding/helping or 2 very different things.

The presentation included a lot of links that I checked on. These included the hive. blog community they already had set up, the founder's youtube channel that has around 1k subs, links to sponsors including 2 HIVE games. RisingStar and Hashkings. Rising star's HP balance is used to curate the hive.blog community and Al has co-founded HashKings meaning it's likely the VIBES tribe token will be integrated into this game.

From my eye, he already had the groundwork laid out and was ready to go anytime. He had an active HIVE community, has built up relationships with some dev's, co-founder of HashKings, has a growing youtube channel and seems to be very level headed. His presentation was pre-wrote, he could have written it fresh but I dont think so. I think he edited it to bring it up to date with some stuff. If I am right about that, he's a forward thinker and planner. Ideal character qualities to have when seeking investment.

So why this tribe? The founder has shown evidence of a good work ethic in the past. I think he already has a small tribe on hive.blog that have been waiting for there own frontend and based on his onboarding plans and connections, he is the perfect candidate for funding.

MusicForLife is a tribe based in the Music Niche created for the Music Lovers (not only musicians)


Tribe Tokens



This is the name of the main tribe token. This the token that is awarded for creating content and curating others work. We all understand what use's this token has within the MusicforLife frontend and wallet.

The max cap of VIBES is 21 million based on halving events that take part every 6 months. The launching airdrop was very small at 100,000 VIBES so inflation will be very high in the first few months to encourage users to post content and stake VIBES to earn from curating others work. Please the VIBES token inflation plan below.

• Authors 32%
• Curators 32%
• Token Holders 19%
• VIBES Miner tokens 10%
• Incentives for third party products 5%

There are not many for sale as only 400 new VIBES have been created so for, it's that new.

Here is a link to the token market - VIBES tribe token




Every good tribe these days has to have a mining token and MusicforLife is no different. There have been 21,000 VIBESM minted which are now for sale on the exchange. They are priced at only 1.5 HIVE each which I think is very cheap as the rewards a brand new miner can produce are plentiful. I see around half for sale and half in the founder's wallet so I would assume the next ones to be sold will be priced at around 2.00-3.00 HIVE.

You can see from the inflation plan above that 10% of newly minted VIBES will go to staked VIBESM token holders. Someone could buy 1% of VIBESM for only 315 HIVE that would produce them around 0.1% of all newly minted VIBES tokens for as long as they have them staked. When this tribe reaches a market cap of 100k within 2 years and only has a few million tokens circulating, there is the potential to be earning $300-500 year easy from mining rewards alone. If you power up your mined VIBES and curate, you would earn from the 32% pool as well.

If you have always wanted to get involved early into a tribe miner, this would be ground level, I mean face touching the ground. The VIBESM token is launched under 12 hours ago at the time of writing.

VIBESM payout lotto-style on the 3rd minute of every hour.

Here is a link if you are interested - Buy VIBESM Token


What does SPinvest get and how much did it cost?

First off before we start to look into the numbers, be aware that we have no interest in having any influence on the MusicforLife tribe. Our job as an investor is complete. We will own a lot of VIBES and VIBESM but we have no plans to use our holdings for any purpose other than earning a passive income from a brand new tribe I believe will become a top 5 tribe within 2 years. There is plenty of market share out there for another successful tribe and let's face it, it's not like we have 4-5 Khals on HIVE creating tribes. Smart people that learn quickly and are willing to put in those 14-16 hour days to make sure everything is working, everyone is happy and new things are always be introduced to push, push, push but.... we might, just might have invested into such a person 10 years behind Khal. Anyways, I hate saying nice things about people cause i dont want them thinking im kissing their ass so let's move into the numbers.


The cost
The total costs were a little higher than first expected due to no fault of either I are @al-gaming. Someone raised their prices and we needed more BEE than first thought. I tried to take out a crypto loan using some of our BTC as collateral but i gave up after 8 days of waiting and sold off 0.0172288 BTC for $900 to buy roughly 4000 HIVE. The BTC we sold was got from the BLURT airdrop back when blurt was 2 cents each and BTC was $10k. Double win.

The total cost to SPinvest was 5200 HIVE in the form of BEE

  • 4200 HIVE for as our investment funding as per the agreement
  • 1000 HIVE as a short term 0% loan (3,4 weeks)


What did we get?

Based on the inflation plan, we made a deal for SPinvest to receive miners as they are the gift that keeps giving and miners are truly passive income. We received...

  • 10% of airdrop = 10,000 VIBES
  • 10% of total minted miners = 2100 VINESM


The reason I choose 10% of miners is that I think this tribe has legs and a better chance than most trying to succeed. If @al-gaming had no active community on hive.blog, no sponsorships and no involvement with HIVEKINGS, I might have asked for 20-25% as the risk is higher.

I choose 10% of total miners based on the inflation plan stating that 10% of all newly minted VIBES will go to miners. If we own 10% of all miners, we get 1% of all newly minted tokens. We stake those tokens and curate from it, become the unofficial powerhouse upvoting/curating account much like how @lbi-token or @onealfa.leo on LEO at the minute. With curation receiving 32% of inflation, we'll compound a nice stack of these and in the future, they should provide is with a nice juicy income for bullrun 2025. Oh yes, we think this far ahead.


@houseoftribes holding account

The VIBES and VIBEM tokens will be held in the holding account @houseoftribes.

This account and its contents is shared 50/50 with @brofund

SPinvest has the resources to fund a few tribes by itself but we would like to make this a reoccurring investment and having a partner (for money) helps us to spread our funds into more tribes when they cost 6000+ BEE a pop if you want a decent one. Ray from @brofund is very pro HIVE, loves new tribes/projects but loves getting invested into them early even more so he is our partner on this venture. @brofund has already paid their 50% so no monies owed.

The holding account will never post any content and will be used only to receive mining rewards and curate on content. If we are able to fund more tribes, any token received for funding will go to this account. In a few years time, this could grow into a significant portion of our HIVE holdings.

(I have also bought 1000 VIBESM tokens from the market for @spinvest to hold directly)


That's it, that's our bag

We have done it, we have funded our first tribe. I can wait to see what they do with it. I gave them the BEE and within 24 hours, the frontend was up and running with our tokens already transferred to our holdings account. I was thinking a week are 2 but no chance, these guys were ready.

I am sorry I have not spoken much about the content of the tribe and have focused on our investment but I'd rather you clicked the link and check it out yourself. I would recommend if you only look at one post, look at this one


I have full confidence this will turn into a very good investment for us based on what I have seen of @al-gaming so far. Our investment is into him, I would invest in him outside of HIVE as well if possible. Very happy to have been able to help with getting his community a proper tribe and im very sure he will not mess up his chance to leave a mark on the blockchain. If we had more people like him, I'd invest more into HIVE. Only 19 years old as well.

Anyways, thank you for reading through this post. I hope most of it makes sense and you are pleased with our latest investment. If you enjoyed this post, please slap the 100% upvote button to show your love.



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