Call to Action! Run an SPK Claim Chain Node - Get Rewarded

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Hello everyone!

As mentioned in previous CTT podcast episodes, there will be a change in how the LARYNX tokens will be claimed. We found a solution to create a side chain called SPK Claim Chain which is enabled by @dlux and their honeycombe technology.

This post is for everyone interested in running a node and helping the decentralization of the LARYNX Miner Token claim drop.

To run a node in the SPK Claim Chain, follow the instructions below:

Rewards and Covering Costs:

Transactions through the SCC (SPK Claim Chain) DEX will be collated by the protocol and distributed to the SCC node operators. We anticipate that this should cover the costs of node operation.

Additionally, SPK Network will be looking to reward early adopters, testers, and node operators with value in the future. Hive members who take part in this activity will be noted and the SPK Network will reward them accordingly with additional values such as NFTs and token drops in the future.

If you have any questions kindly join the Dlux Discord Server & the SPK Network Discord Server.


About the SPK Network:

The SPK Network is a decentralized Web 3.0 protocol that rewards value creators and infrastructure providers appropriately and autonomously by distributing reward tokens in such a way that every user, creator, and platform, will be able to earn rewards on a level playing field.


When LARYNX claim?
Timeline update?

11 mo

Same question!

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I think they talked about two weeks ! This should normally happen before march, we all hope to ! !PIZZA

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Hive members who take part in this activity will be noted and SPK Network will

did yo miss the end of that sentence there?


and SPK Network will

... shower them with wealth? ;)


and SPK Network will

give them golden showers.


give them golden showers.

Eek, that is a big nope from me! ;)



11 mo

You are out of jokes for the day!

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Maybe SPK Network Will is some kind of cool mascot.

11 mo

Lol yeah as if spknetwork has that level of intelligence behind it.

This roll out is an embarrassment.
Why the hell does a CLAIM DROP need to be "decentralized" ??

There's hidden reasons why these clowns are rolling this thing through a "claim chain".

Either there's beneficiaries in the process or they're not even on the ball and are slow playing it deliberately.

Just look at the silence to a simple question "when claim?".

The hype for this SPK thing has well and truly died and now this approach is killing participation.

What a joke from
@starkerz @theycallmedan
This SPK thing will be like @dtube. Effort... maybe..but a failed delivery... leveling out in obscurity.

The irony is that dtube was muscled out by these very people to take away competition for video and now SPK is essentially poisoning itself to death.

"One brick at a time... enjoy each brick" says Dan though... lol yeah cute wordplay solves everything ay.

11 mo (edited)

To start with, my comment there was just meant to be lighthearted; a joke. Where I come from, if/when people make mistakes but can't laugh at themselves, they're not learning. So it's not in my nature to see tiny flaws setting the stage of pending doom.

I can see how the others are enjoying some lighthearted banter as well. It's all in good fun. Everyone coming along with their own quips is well aware of the fact they're slightly humiliating themselves in the process. That's the purpose of such behavior. To show nobody's perfect, nor needs to be perfect, and can relax; have fun.

Most folks don't wake up with plans to fuck up and ruin their days.

Secondly, on Hive, if you think you can do something better, you're free to do so. Nobody is stopping you.

Of course you're free to criticize or even attack if that's your style but at the end of the day, if that behavior doesn't accomplish anything, you'll just end up sounding like an asshole and stinking up the place.

But I'm sure you already knew that.


its just good to see people commenting really! hehe
interaction is gold


Socializing on a social network. Whodathunkit.

11 mo

Why are people so emotionally fragile around here... you played quite the victim there chap.. the personification of Hive community.

"We are a prosecuted people! Justin Sun is (was) the ROMAN EMPEROR and Hive community are ISRAELITES!"

My approach is brutal so yeah call me an asshole.. thank you. BUT I SPEAK THE TRUTH SON. And all grown adults appreciate honest criticism.

Heck even the two individuals that are running this rollout have even stated on their AMAs....

"look for flaws.. we want the community to critique the flaws..."

Yet when someone does that...
You all retreat into your shells and get defensive...


Then there's the ultimate defense mechanism/response:

"Oh if you don't like it then build something better...."


I ain't a builder just like how you ARE ALSO NOT A BUILDER. So then will you and I ever build anything better or even anything at all.... ??

Since.. NO..

Does that mean we must sit idle and silent when something has clear flaws that even NON BUILDERS can identify?

If we are to do such a thing...
Then we all become mindless drones.. just praising any mediocre crap that other people put out.

Oh yeah sorry that's what Hive is isn't it... my bad.


how's that nobrainsleftouse?

11 mo (edited)

Dude it's just a thing on a blockchain. If you want to speak to the manager, speak to the goddamn manager. What's the point of telling me this shit? Criticize all you want. Pull your head out of your ass first though. That's my criticism for you. You're just being a dick. Don't need to be a dick.

11 mo (edited)

why do you fear dicks so much?

lol anyway you continue to focus on the person and not the message... a common defense mechanism of people that know that the message carries truth and they don't want to deal with them truths.

For the record, the reason I attached myself to your comment is because you're the only one around here I seen EVER be critical of why Hive fails to grow.

So it's because I respect you that I target you.. but hey if you're just as sensitive at the rest then my bad... I won't upset you too.

The message of my comment stands though. They will be echoing throughout here soon enough because imo this dream of 3SPK existing as some safespace utopia to content creators is completely laughable. It's like my little brother saying his jumping castle is going to one day be superior to Windsor Castle.

The dream is noble but the process and rollout/development is completely amateur. Due to the incompetence of the individuals that are attempting the endeavor.


I'm simply not interested in all the lame-ass cancel culture shit happening around here lately. So I left a joke there, you chimed in. I thought you took my joke seriously, then saw it as an invitation to bash people. By far, right now one of the biggest problems Hive has is a group of individuals who will relentlessly smear anyone who gets in their way. They're manipulative. It's disturbing. Acting like terrorists, or politicians. Same thing...

As for these guys, I know they're having issues. Plenty of people can see that. But something I wrote in my most recent post might resonate:

Of course it was never designed to be easy. Mistakes will happen. This is cutting edge technology and damn near everyone is learning as they go, leaving a wealth of experience in their wake; knowledge that didn't exist before being handed down, for the first time.

11 mo

And that's hitting the nail on the head!

That's precisely the point of my pushback. Because clearly the development here is on the level of TINKERING by ENTHUSIASTS/HOBBYIST so it won't rival the capability of a multi-billion dollar company...

YET, these BULLSHIT ARTISTS that push out VAPORWARE here to the users, paint their shit like as if it's on the same level and that mainstream will fall to their miniscule operation... for example: 3SPEAK... who up until now have done nothing different to what DTube did for steemit.

YET they claim that the future of video dominance is all in the storage. That simply by giving incentives to store a video on some entry level virtual machine, the mainstream world will automatically migrate over....


Yet the agreed demand here is actually that those content creators MUST BRING THEIR AUDIENCES WITH THEM... (and that's something I've seen you reiterate.)

So again, from my view: MAJOR FLAW!
It just won't happen like that.

Even the people already in here often make comment of how hard it is to even get some of their close friends to join. So the reality is that the system itself doesn't facilitate growth.

Because to a new user, Hive is a clusterfuck of noise and confusion.. and if they get in... as you pointed out, it's a society sick with EGOS and ambitions of destruction by those who claim to be "defenders of censor-resistance."

LOL what a joke!

But anyway the state of the system and the state of the community are two different beasts so I digress, but you are completely on point about how Hive is poisoning itself from within.

To end..

HIVE is just no where near ready to be anything but a tiny niche of people devoted to working hard for low wages. Imo, it never will be anything beyond that. Time has proven it. 2 years on from the infamous split, a few won big, and the rest of the fools become the many worker bees.

So that's the other flaw. That everything is orientated around the money potential/promise/lure.

Just look at how these clowns of SPK are trying to create speculation before their product is even a thing. They want even THE CLAIM DROP to be speculated on with the desire to create an internal market for a token that has absolutely no meaning. The platform it is linked to doesn't even exist yet... and might never.

Mainstream simply sees that as SCAMMY. Because it damn well is SCAMMY.

Get your product out..
Let it speak.
Money comes after when you actually have a platform (AND A HUMAN ELEMENT aka NETWORK EFFECT) to be seriously considered as a contender.

Else, they living in candyland thinking it's going to be so simple.


I'm confused with the 'tokenomics' coming out of this project. No real interest in hosting content either. People are free to build whatever the fuck they want though, and however they see fit. If it's a flop, it's their problem. Doesn't drag down everything else with it. So there's that at least.

And I don't know why not many seem interested in that consumer class of people. That's been baffling me for years.

11 mo

The tokenomics is deliberately complex by threespeak... they're seeking money through all those speculative markets that they'll prop up on tiny node clusters or even offchain virtual machines. So no doubt slow playing this thing is part of that plan. In fact, SPK UTOPIA doesn't ever need to eventuate... only the belief in the dream needs to live.

In any regular industry this is completely illegal.

One of the founders pushing community to host "claim chain" nodes to distribute tokens...

OK nothing untoward there.
Other than the idiotic "let's make airdrops decentralized.." ambition.

Wonder if there's any deals done in discord channels of how those nodes get hosted.. but anyway that's not the real issue..


Is that the founders are very vocal about wanting to create speculation markets. So if say Joe doesn't want his claim chain tokens, he can then sell it to John on some tiny "Dex".

See this..


So there's no product, platform, service etc.. but BUY IN (with real money or other crypto bought with real money) is the play.

This can only be done in tiny communities (like Hive) where not very informed people agree to NOT CARE ABOUT REGULATION.. and even celebrate the fact there isn't any regulation.

Well well well then....


Anyway. II'm just saying that maybe people need to ask more questions... or even hold these project heads to some standard. They haven't even stayed on their own roadmap, diverted away and changed the plan, haven't stayed to their own schedule, have said that they would give a thorough technical breakdown of costs, system requirements... BUT HAVEN'T... and so on.

If that's all acceptable then hey..
I'm the one who should stay quiet then.

11 mo

referred to as "son" and a phobia of phalic objects. Just virtualy pissing in people's wheaties again. l0lZ... After reading yins 2's comments. I'm gonna have to chime in on the storage aspect of 3 speak being basically like limewire if yins can remember that... Which ironically made me stop listening to one of my favorite bands when they basically shut that whole shit down before it had legs... fucking metallica. Maybe I'm just dumb though and seeing tings wrong...

11 mo

limewire... yes.
I actually made that point to them early on... which resulted in me getting muted.

Anyway I don't critique to be harsh. I do it because I see the flaws and I don't care if my rep suffers.

SPK is essentially a scam with hopes of maybe becoming a thing.

They are actually trying to facilitate the hosting element so that users essentially end up buying FROM THEM subscriptions to virtual machines to host whatever bullshit video they want to hold onto.

See.. it won't be about the world of video. No no no... because really they don't have the ability to ever achieve that.
The token speculations is what these motherfuckers have bulging eyes for.

But they shot themselves in the foot by making it deliberately complex.

It's dead in the water.
Fools will still part with their money though. Hive is good for that.


Open to interpretation 🤣


When can we claim?


I will Be getting a node up and running tonight.


When the claim drop starts


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getting mine set up asap!


Can we get a step-by-step guide for newbs, sir?

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Hmmm..... Lemme see how crazy it is first. Haven't had time yet.

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Same here. Too many complicated words I don't understand and a lack of time.

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11 mo

Interesting to learn another way to get an income!

11 mo

I just reblogged as I find very useful this post!


will this be an awesome project?



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