The best thing about my least favourite silver coin…is the fact that silver is silver

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Why is this my least favourite coin so far… not too sure really, it just feels boring and lazy. My other coins POP when I look at them, they seem to have a lot of personality and a story. This one just feels blah to me.

Regardless of what I think, silver is silver. 999 silver is still silver even though if you have been following me I have a soft spot for 9999 silver.

I don’t think I will ever buy a sunshine mint gold coin, unless its literally pegged to spot price, even then, I rather pay a bit more and get something sexy.

Now, I have 3 new silver coins to show off in the coming days. Well, 2 new coins and 1 2022 version of a coin I have showed off before. But I also have some new gold coins to show off. 2x one that I have showed off before but at a size I didn’t have until now. And one brand new BEAUTIFUL gold coin I happened to get at a decent price during boxing week sale. THAT gold coin is gorgeous and I am looking forward to showing that off some time later this week ;)

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