Help me to bring a new NFT Collection to Hive?

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with this post I would like to address you with a small request. I have created a NFT collection and am now looking for someone who can help me get it onto the Hive Blockchain.

Originally my plan was to understand how the creation of these gigantic sized NFT collections works. For a person like me who is awkward in programming environments, this was already a challenge. However, I was able to realize my goal and am now the creator of 8888 unique block creatures.

Unfortunately, my browsing of the Hive Engine documentation quickly made one thing clear: I will probably not be able to independently accomplish getting my collection onto the blockchain "the right way" so that users can mine my creations.

Now the question becomes:

Do you know anyone who might be able to help me realize a project similar to Punks on Hive?

I have already asked the initiator of Punks on Hive. But he doesn't have the time capacity to cooperate here or to help me. Maybe there is someone else who is currently working on this?

I am aware of the possibility to make the NFT's available via NFT-Showroom, but this is not something I consider to be purposeful. I would like to create the "classic NFT experience".

In the cover picture you can already see a small selection of the 2D colleagues, here are a few more individual portraits:

Please mark your people, maybe you know someone who knows someone whose nephew would like to help me. I would be very happy.

In this sense I hope you all had a good start into the new year and say see you soon!

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There is a way, I dont know if this would suite your needs but its worth a try. I would totally buy those NFTs if you accept $BST
Check this out:

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Ah my friend, I had not seen your answer.

I had already looked at that, but there doesn't seem to be any functionality to create your own.

If these creatures ever end up on this blockchain, $BST holders are guaranteed to be included in the initial distribution ;)

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You can get in touch with @themarkymark he might have some insights for you on how to get started :)